Chinae, olim Sinarum regionis, nova descriptio [1584, map]

Chinae, olim Sinarum regionis, nova descriptio : Cum privilegio Imperatoris, Regis, & Brabantiae, ad decennium / auctore Ludovico Georgio ([Antverp] 1584)

Digitized: HAAB Weimar / Weimar: Stiftung Klassik Note: Map, appr. 1:15.400.000, copperplate, 46 x 34 cm

Map is part of: Abraham Ortelius: Der Dritte Zusatz deß Theatri Oder Schawbuchs deß Erdbodems : … → Continue reading

Ong: The Chinaman abroad

Ong Tae Hae: The Chinaman abroad, or, A desultory account of the Malayan archipelago, particularly of Java (Shanghae: Printed at the Mission Press, 1850)

Digitized: Internet Archive (book contributor: National Library Board, Singapore; collection: Biodiversity Heritage Library) No copy listed in Wiener China-Bibliographie

[Osborne] A collection of voyages and travels

A collection of voyages and travels, consisting of authentic writers in our own tongue, which have not before been collected in English, or have only been abridged in other Collections. And continued with others of note, that have published histories, Voyages, Travels, Journals or Discoveries in other Nations and Languages, relating to any part of … → Continue reading

Orléans: La vie du Père Matthieu Ricci

Pierre-Joseph d’Orléans: La vie du Père Matthieu Ricci de la Compagnie de Jesus (Paris: George & Louis Josse, 1693).

Digitized: Google Books (Original from Lyon Public Library, digitiezd 1 February 2012) Bibliographic references: BS 1090, Löwendahl 0208 No copy listed in Wiener Chinabibliographie

Ollone/Guébriant: Ecritures des Peuples non Chinois de la Chine

Commandant d’Ollone/Jean-Baptiste Budes de Guébriant: Ecritures des Peuples non Chinois de la Chine. Quatre dictionnaires Lolo et Miao Tseu (Paris: Ernest Leroux 1912)

Digitized: Hong Kong University Library [note: first page of digital object is plain grey] Entry in Wiener Chinabibliographie

Excerpt: Commandant d’Ollone/ Jean-Baptiste Budes de Guébriant: Escritures des Peuples non Chinois … → Continue reading

Andersen/Iversen/Olearius (ed.): Orientalische Reisebeschreibunge

[Jørgen Andersen / Volquard Iversen / Adam Olearius (ed.):] Orientalische Reise-Beschreibunge: Jürgen Andersen aus Schleßwig der An. Christi 1644 außgezogen und 1650 wieder kommen und Volquard Iversen aus Holstein so An. 1655 außgezogen und 1668 wieder angelanget. Seynd beyde respective durch Ostindien, Sina, Tartarien … und Palestinam gezogen und haben zu Wasser und Land viel … → Continue reading

Obaldia: El problema oriental

José C. de Obaldia: El problema oriental (Panama: Imprenta nacional, 1928)

Digitized: Biblioteca Digital Hispánica No copy listed in Wiener China-Bibliographie

Osgood: Breaking Down Chinese Walls

Elliott I. Osgood: Breaking Down Chinese Walls. From a Doctor’s Viewpoint (New York/Chicago/Toronto: Felming H. Revell Company, [1908]).

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Ortelius: Typus orbis terrarum [Map]

[Abraham Ortelius/Frans Hogenberg] Typus orbis terrarum / Franciscus Hogenbergus scupsit ([Antwerpen] : [s.n.], [1570?])

Digitized: (DOI: 10.3931/e-rara-12844) Note: Map, copper-plate, 25 x 50 cm [Ca. 1:87 000 000 along equator] W 180°-E 180°/N 90°-S 90° Bibliographic reference: Robert W. Karrow: Mapmakers of the sixteenth century and their maps: bio-bibliographies of the cartographers … → Continue reading

Inouye: The fall of Wei-hai-wei

[Jukichi Inouye/Kazumasa Ogawa:] The fall of Wei-hai-wei. Compiled from Official and other Sources, by Jukichi Inouye. – With Numerous Collotypes by K. Ogawa. (Yokohama: Kelly and Walsh [1895])

Digitized: Internet Archive (Book contributor: University of California Libraries, digitizing sponsor: MSN) Bibliographic reference: BS 2541 f. No copy listed in Wiener Chinabibliographie