L'Homme. Europäische Zeitschrift für Feministische Geschichtswissenschaft (European Journal of Feminist History)

"L'Homme. Z. F. G.", the first German-language journal devoted to the field of feminist history, has been published since 1990. The issues have a main theme and carry articles that relate to these topics, and deal with women’s and gender history, covering a time span from the late Middle Ages to the recent past.

In addition to the contributions referring to the main theme of the issue "L'Homme. Z. F. G." features synopses of research, interviews, commentaries as well as debates and book reviews.

"L'Homme. European Journal of Feminist History" is an interface between various linguistic and academic cultures and takes various topics and regional contexts into account. The original contributions are published in German or English. The peer reviewed journal appears twice a year.


L'Homme Schriften. Reihe zur Feministischen Geschichtswissenschaft

The book series presents current research on the rapidly expanding field of feminist history. "L'Homme Schriften" (Writings) offers monographs and anthologies, focusing on works of the German speaking countries, but translations of key works into German are on the agenda as well.
All books are peer reviewed.



L'Homme Archiv. Quellen zur Feministischen Geschichtswissenschaft

During the last thirty years Women's and Gender History has dealt with incredibly many fields and topics. It has made new and old sources accessible and analysed them. "L'Homme Archiv" (Archive) would like to edit selected materials - especially for teaching and studying. In doing so special attention will be paid to current problems as well as to the need for remembering the "classics". Therefore we plan to reissue scripts out of print besides editing sources relevant to research.