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Season Greetings

Montag, Dezember 24th, 2007

Dear Users,

A merry christmas and a successful year 2008!

With best wishes and regards from Vienna,
Doris Arztmann and Li Gerhalter

Research Platform Repositioning of Women’s and Gender History

Panel Discussion: „Trafficking in Human Beings“, Research Findings and New Approaches, 21.01.08, Vienna

Sonntag, Dezember 23rd, 2007

University of Vienna / Faculty of Law / Department of Criminal Law and Criminology

When: January 21st, 2008, 3.00 p.m.-5.00 p.m.
Where: Juridicum, DG, Schottenbastei 10-16, 1010 Vienna
Information & Registration until January 15th, 2008

+) Fabrizio SARRICA and Michael JANDL (UNODC): „Difficulties of Data Collection Related to Human Trafficking“

+) Riikka PUTTONEN, Chairwoman (UNODC)
+) Ingrid NOWOTNY (Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour)
+) Daniela PETERKA-BENTON (Expert on human smuggling)
+) Stephanie REITER (Dep. of Criminal Law, University/Vienna)
+) Helmut SAX (Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights)
+) Michaela SCHNELL (Public Prosecution Service, Vienna)
+) Karin TERTINEGG (Institute of Human Sciences)
+) Erich ZWETTLER (Criminal Intelligence Service Austria)

(mehr …)

CfP: Breaking Boundaries, Forging Connections: Feminist Interdisciplinary Theory and Practice (Conference), Deadline: 04.01.08

Freitag, Dezember 21st, 2007

A conference sponsored by the Nancy’s Chair in Women’s Studies
Where: Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
When: April 11-13 2008

The host of this conference, the Nancy’s Chair in Women’s Studies, was endowed by well-known Toronto-based feminist and philanthropist Nancy Ruth, to raise awareness of women’s issues by bringing to campus distinguished scholars in women’s studies and activists who have contributed to the advancement of women. Mount Saint Vincent University, the home of the Nancy’s Chair, has a proud history as a leader in innovative and creative learning approaches with an emphasis on women, academic excellence, distinctive programs, and a personal approach to education. Women’s studies and feminist theory are boldly, creatively interdisciplinary in establishing strong connections between scholarly inquiry and women’s lives. (mehr …)

Seminar: Bortom rösträtten: Nordisk workshop om kön, politik och medborgarskap, 12.06.08, Huddinge

Freitag, Dezember 21st, 2007

Kvinnor i Norden har varit politiska medborgare i cirka 100 år och rösträttsrörelsen var den första feministiska massmobiliseringen av kvinnor i historien. Men vad hände sedan? Vad kom reformen att innebära för ”framtiden”? Vilka nya perspektiv kan läggas på frågor om medborgarskap, representation och politikens genus när jämförelser görs med processer efter och bortom rösträtten? Har kvinnor som grupp blivit den politiska kategori som vissa rösträttskvinnor drömde om? (mehr …)

CfP: Gender and the Long Postwar: Reconsiderations of the United States and the Two Germanys, 1945-1989 (Conference), Deadline: 15.04.08

Freitag, Dezember 21st, 2007

Conference date: 30.05.2008 – 31.05.2008, Washington

From the perspective of gender, we would argue, the war opened up possibilities for women and men on both sides of the Atlantic. But the extent to which those possibilities were realized varied considerably across societies. This conference will bring together a group of scholars to explore why this was so.
Comparing gender developments in the United States and the two Germanys during “the long postwar” will allow us to examine these variations and, in particular, to see how gender developments intersected and were affected by the trajectories of market democratic and communist regimes as well as the impact of idiosyncratic cultural continuities. By extending the investigation to 1989, we will be able to trace both continuities and change over a long expanse of gender relations, sorting out the impact of the war itself from other factors that came into play during the period. (mehr …)

CfP: Sexing Travel. Intimacy and Subjectivity in Women’s International Tourism (Publikation), Deadline: 15.01.08

Freitag, Dezember 21st, 2007

Edited by Susan Frohlick and Jessica Jacobs. Abstracts accepted until January 15, 2008. Full chapters due by July 1, 2008

2009 publication target date. We are seeking ethnographically informed papers that focus on the multiple dimensions of women’s participation in sexual and intimate relationships with local men or women in international tourist destinations, to be included in an edited volume on transnational/cultural intimacy and sexual subjectivity in women’s travel. We are currently looking into various channels for publication, and are aiming for eight contributors. Scholarship on ‘ethno-sexual relations’ (Nagel, 2003) between tourists and locals is growing and reflects, in our view, the expansion of sex tourism in late capitalism from a predominantly masculine terrain (tied into ideas around the modern subject) and historical practice to a global phenomenon that includes the gendered consumption practices of First World women shaped by some women’s increasing economic power and mobility. (mehr …)

CfP: TRIVIA – Voices of Feminism (Publikation), Deadline: 15.01.2008

Freitag, Dezember 21st, 2007

/TRIVIA: Voices of Feminism/ is now accepting submissions for issue #7, an open issue: deadline January 15, 2008.

/TRIVIA,/ a free twice-yearly online literary journal, publishes literary essays, experimental prose, poetry, translations, and reviews. We encourage writers to take risks with language and form so as to give their ideas the most original and vital expression possible. /TRIVIA/’s larger purpose is to foster a body of rigorous, creative and independent feminist thought. See our submission guidelines for details:

/TRIVIA : //Voices of Feminism/ is an online relaunch of /TRIVIA: A Journal of Ideas/, an award-winning international feminist literary magazine published from 1982 to 1995. (mehr …)