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CfP: Becoming or Unbecoming? Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Research in the 21st Century (Event: Northumbria, UK), Deadline: 31.07.08

Montag, Juni 30th, 2008

One-day conference for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) academics, researchers and activists – plus heterosexuals conducting research on LGBT issues

When? Friday 28 November 2008, 10am–4pm
Where? Lipman Building, Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne
Deadline: 31 July 2008

Eight years have past since the last gathering of LGBT researchers, the “Lesbian and Gay Lives in Focus” conference in London in December 2000. This event seeks to bring together LGBT academics, researchers and activists from across the country to look at the state of LGBT research, to chart a way forward and to bridge the gap between academics and activists. Papers are sought on a range of issues, including: (mehr …)

Conference Unsettling Women: Contemporary Women’s Writing and Diaspora, 11.-13.07.08, Leicester, UK

Montag, Juni 30th, 2008

The Second Biennial Conference of the Contemporary Women’s Writing Network

University of Leicester, UK,
11-13 July, 2008

Special Guests:

  • Jackie Kay
  • Linda Grant

Plenary Speakers:

  • Prof. Susheila Nasta (Open University)
  • Prof. Carole Boyce Davies (Florida International University)
  • Prof. Sneja Gunew (University of British Columbia)
  • Prof. Deborah Madsen (University of Geneva)

Further details

Contact: Dr. Emma Parker:


Open Call: Crime, Sexuality and Gender (Event: Zagreb), Deadline: 01.08.08

Freitag, Juni 27th, 2008

Queer Zagreb is an international festival which has been taking place in Croatia since 2003 and has been presenting international and local artists, academics and activists to an audience of cca 3000 – 5000 per year. Queer Zagreb festival constructs its programme each year around a certain theme which is presented throughout its programme. So far we have touched such issues as «postsocialist queer identity», «heteronormativity of childhoods», «transgression of private into public» and «Balkans queer». For our 2008 edition the main topic of interest is «Crime, sexuality and gender» to be presented in different forms during the event – visual arts, performance, film and an academic conference.

Crime, sexuality and gender are issues that we would like to explore within the frames of our festival. We are interested in wider definitions of crime (in relation to sexuality and gender) which would go beyond the regular time / geography frame as well as beyond concentration solely on the victims – whose destinies leave them displaced, murdered, raped, tortured, killed.

We would like to initiate an approach which include (mehr …)

Symposion: Niederösterreich im 20. Jahrhundert: Politik — Wirtschaft — Kultur, 30.06.-02.07.08, Klosterneuburg

Freitag, Juni 27th, 2008

28. Symposion des NÖ Instituts für Landeskunde mitveranstaltet von: Stadt Klosterneuburg Verein für Landeskunde von Niederösterreich

Ort: Klosterneuburg, Stadtmuseum
Zeit: 30. Juni bis 2. Juli 2008

Vorträge u.a.:

  • Heidi NIEDERKOFLER, Frauenbewegungen in Niederösterreich nach 1945: Transfers zwischen Zentrum und Peripherie
  • Regina WONISCH, Niederösterreichische Landesausstellungen. Zum Funktionswandel eines Rituals
  • Maria MESNER, Vom Anfang und vom Ende. Beziehungsleben und Heiratssachen in Niederösterreich
  • Martina KRENN, „Das Glück unserer Jugend und die Zukunft unseres Volkes“. Über Jugendpflege und Jugendkultur
  • Monika BERNOLD, Filmische Repräsentationen und historische Medienkonstellationen von/in Niederösterreich

ganzes Programm: (mehr …)

Buchpräsentation: Johanna Dohnal. Innensichten österreichischer Frauenpolitiken. Innsbrucker Vorlesungen, 02.07.08, Innsbruck

Donnerstag, Juni 26th, 2008

Tiroler Studien zu Geschichte und Politik/ Band 9; hrsg. von Erika Thurner und Alexandra Weiss

Zeit: 2. Juli 2008, 19.00 Uhr
Ort: Buchhandlung Wiederin, Sparkassenplatz 4, 6020 Innsbruck


Erika Thurner (Institut für Politikwissenschaft)
„Zum Werdegang von Johanna Dohnal und der Idee einer Gastprofessur an der Fakultät für Politikwissenschaft und Soziologie der Universität Innsbruck.“

Alexandra Weiss (Büro f. Gleichstellung und Gender Studies / Institut f. Politikwissenschaft)
„Frauen in der Politik — politiktheoretische Überlegungen“

Margit Drexel (Regisseurin, Psychotherapeutin, Aktivistin der Neuen Frauenbewegung)
„Lesung aus der Antrittsvorlesung von Johanna Dohnal“

Zum Buch: (mehr …)

CfP Reproduction, Sex, and Power (Publication: Journal of Women’s History), Deadline: 01.09.08

Mittwoch, Juni 25th, 2008

Special Issue of the Journal of Women’s History, Editor: Leslie J. Reagan

Reproduction, sexuality, and bodies have been key sites for state and religious intervention and control, for defining gender, class, race, and sexual identity and for establishing hierarchies and inequalities. They have also been of central significance to individuals and to organized feminist movements. Although today some may think of “sex” and “reproduction” as unrelated topics and fields of research, historically they have been closely intertwined. This issue seeks to spotlight the centrality of reproduction, sex, and power to women’s history and to demonstrate the ways in which power has been made, played, and fought over and through reproduction and sex. Indeed, histories of nations and empire, foreign policy and law, religion and popular culture are not free of these seemingly private experiences. Precisely (mehr …)

CfP: The Problem of Sources in Women’s Memory (Event: Istanbul), Deadline: 01.07.2008

Montag, Juni 23rd, 2008

Based on requests from colleagues, the coverage for 20th Anniversary Symposium of the Women’s Library and Information Centre Foundation in Istanbul (Website), has now been extended as: „The Problem of Sources in Women’s Memory“.

Rather than limiting itself to the Turkish case from the Ottoman Era to the Present. There will now be two parallel sessions. One on Turkish issues and one Women’s Archives, in general. To couple this change, the deadline for submitting summaries is now postponed to 1 July 2008

From 17-19 April 2009, as part of our 20th anniversary celebrations, the Women’s Library and Information Centre [WLIC] will be holding an international symposium on „The Problem of Sources in Women’s Memory“

The symposium will offer, we believe, the broadest examination to date on „sources in women’s studies and women’s history.“ Our aim is to create a setting (mehr …)