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CfP: Gender, the Body, and Sexuality (Publication: Aspasia 4), Deadline: 15.10.08

Donnerstag, Juli 31st, 2008

Aspasia – International Yearbook of Central, Eastern, and Southeastern European Women’s and Gender History

Over the last few decades, the body has become the focus of much critical scholarly attention. We are interested in innovative, interdisciplinary work about the histories of gender, the body and sexuality/ies in Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe.

  • How were bodies constructed and gendered there from antiquity onwards through the twentieth century?
  • How was sexuality socially and politically normalised?
  • How did individuals negotiate the sexual/bodily selves in their societies, in daily life and in specific contexts — from religion and work to healthcare and sports?
  • What did it mean to be a mainstream versus a sexually deviant person, and what consequences did such categories have for individuals and them communities they lived in?
  • What role did the body play in constructing the ideal communist subject?
  • How did bodies in the various contexts of (mehr …)

Kolloquium: „Lebenswelten“ in der Nachkriegszeit (1945-1970) – Quellenlage und Auswertungsmöglichkeiten, 07.11.08, Heidelberg

Mittwoch, Juli 30th, 2008

Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg und Universität Heidelberg – Historisches Semiar, Heidelberg

Zeit: 07.11.2008
Ort: Stiftung Reichspräsident-Friedrich-Ebert-Gedenkstätte

Mit dieser Veranstaltung, die sich an HistroikerInnen wie ArchivarInnen gleichermaßen wendet, wird der Dialog zwischen Archiven und Forschung fortgesetzt: Quellenlagen wirken sich auf Forschungsmöglichkeiten aus. Forschungsfragen wiederum bedingen entsprechende Überlieferungsentscheidungen.


10.15 Uhr
Prof. Dr. Robert Kretzschmar, Präsident des Landesarchivs Baden-Württemberg: Begrüßung

10.30 – 11.00 Uhr
Prof. Dr. Edgar Wolfrum, Universität Heidelberg: Lebenswelten und Wertewandel in der Nachkriegszeit. Forschungsüberblick – Tendenzen (mehr …)

Reminder CfP: Intersections of Race and Gender in French History (Publication: French Historical Studies), Deadline: 01.10.08

Dienstag, Juli 29th, 2008

The editors of French Historical Studies seek articles for a special issue on Intersections of Race and Gender in French History. Articles on research topics covering all chronological periods are welcome. Among other possibilities, we invite articles treating the following topics:

  • women and race, and/or feminism and race, in the colonies/metropole
  • colonial and postcolonial masculinity/manhood
  • gender, whiteness, and racial identity
  • the segmenting of French national identity along the lines of race and gender
  • the impact of locality, region and/or other spaces upon understandings and experiences of race and gender

Queries regarding submissions and all other matters should be addressed to the guest editors, Tyler Stovall and Jennifer Boittin. (mehr …)

CfP: Latina/Chicana Mothering (Publication), Deadline: October 31, 2008

Freitag, Juli 25th, 2008


Demeter Press
is seeking submissions for an edited collection on

Latina/Chicana Mothering

Publication Date: Spring 2011 Editors: Dorsía Smith Silva and Janine Santiago

We are very excited to edit an interdisciplinary book on mothering in the Latina and Chicana communities. We seek papers that examine the narratives, histories, practices, and theories of Latina and Chicana mothering as they reflect the realities and complexities of diverse perspectives. Latina and Chicana mothering is a rich experience, which engenders a sense of identity, multiple viewpoints, and cultural orientations. Here, the Latina/Chicana mothering experience seeks to provide a site for inquiry of those life histories and legacies, which have been marked by undergoing childbirth, raising children, or becoming mothers, as well as transatlantic mothers. One of the main goals of this text will be to examine the complex representations of Latina and Chicana mothering and to address the space where Latina and Chicana perspectives are in many cases rendered invisible.

We encourage varied approaches from across the humanities and social sciences including, but not limited to topics as the following: theoretical, historical, cultural, feminist, maternal, transgender, and gender studies; personal and reflective essays; ethnographies; oral histories (mehr …)

Buchpräsentation: Für Führer und Vaterland. Das Salzkammergut von 1938-1945, 16.08.08, Strobl

Freitag, Juli 25th, 2008

Zeit: Samstag, 16. August 2008, 19:30 Uhr
Ort: Deutschvilla in Strobl am Wolfgangsee / Salzburg

Mit dem Buch „Für Führer und Vaterland“, herausgegeben von Raimund Bahr, beginnt eine Reihe, die sich mit der Geschichte, Gegenwart und Zukunft der Region Salzkammergut beschäftigt. Gerade für den Zweiten Weltkrieg gibt es wenig Bewußtsein vor allem für die Vertreibungen und Lager vor Ort. Die Texte sind ebenso vielfältig wie das Thema selbst. Der Zusammenhang von Religion und Nationalsozialismus wird erstmals in einer größeren Arbeit von Karl W. Schwarz dargestellt. Klaus Kienesberger, einer der Kuratoren der oö. Landesausstellung in Strobl, zeigt wie ein Widerstandskämpfer unter der Propaganda der DDR zum Helden aufstieg. Sepp Plieseis ist im Bewußtsein des Salzkammergutes gut verankert. Michael Kurz setzt sich mit dem Autor Franz Kain auseinander, der mit Arnolt Bronnen bekannt war und in seinen Texten immer wieder den Zweiten Weltkrieg thematisierte. Helmut Kalss publiziert hier erstmals ein Interview mit einer Widerstandskämpferin aus dem Salzkammergut und zeigt so, daß Widerstand nicht immer nur den Kampf mit der Waffe bedeutet, sondern vor allem auch ein weibliches Gesicht hat. (mehr …)

CfP: Gendered Cultures at the Crossroads of Imagination, Knowledge and Politics (Event: Utrecht June 2009), Dealdine: 15.09.08

Donnerstag, Juli 24th, 2008

7th European Feminist Research Conference

The 7th European Feminist Research Conference is an international event based on cutting-edge scholarship. The conference reflects the diversity of women’s and gender studies, incorporating interdisciplinary perspectives on imagination, knowledge and politics. The focus is on the way in which imagination, knowledge and politics inform gendered cultures in contemporary Europe.

European Feminist Research Conferences usually have more than 500 participants from both inside and outside of Europe. The Conference has a track record of presenting innovative feminist scholarly work with critical perspectives on contemporary Europe.

The 7th edition of the European Feminist Research Conference will be interdisciplinary in several ways. Firstly, it will employ the Utrecht expertise of crossing the boundaries of the scholarly and the artistic through a focus on, and a review of, literary, visual and artistic representations. Secondly, it will work with a matrix of intersecting themes rather than with singular conference strands. Thus participating scholars, students and artists are asked to situate themselves in this crosscutting matrix. (mehr …)

Conference: (Re)constructing the aging body: Western medical cultures and gender 1600-2000, 26.-28.09.08, Mainz

Dienstag, Juli 22nd, 2008

Zeit: 26.-28.09.2008,
Ort: Atrium Hotel, Flugplatzstrasse 44, 55126 Mainz
Deadline: 15.08.2008

With an ever growing proportion of elderly people in many Western societies, and modern medicine promising to prolong life and well-being, the aging body has become an increasingly common image in current society. ‚Anti-aging‘ has developed into a popular movement for promoting activity, mobility and lifestyle choice instead of conventionally held stereotypes of decline and decrepitude. Current theoretical contributions argue that the aging body cannot completely be reduced to culture and stand up for a materialistic deconstructionist perspective considering the elderly’s experiences and the interaction of mind, body and society. It is the meaning attached to gendered aging bodies by medical cultures that needs further investigation. (mehr …)