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12. FrauenFilmTage, 26.02. bis 05.03.2015, Baden, St. Pölten, Wien und Wels

Dienstag, Februar 24th, 2015

12. FrauenFilmTage (Web)

Zeit: 26.2. bis 5.3.2015
Website mit Programm in Baden, St. Pölten, Wels und Wien

Es werden wieder viele internationale Filme erstmals in Österreich präsentiert. In Publikumsgesprächen – anschließend an ausgewählte Vorführungen – wird es die Möglichkeit geben, mit ExpertInnen zu diskutieren. Trailer zu den 12. FrauenFilmTagen 2015 (Web)

Schwerpunkte 2015

  • Personale: Katharina Wöppermann: „Die Reise von Motiv zu Motiv“
  • Kämpferinnen
  • Humor

CfP: Feminist Futures: Critical Engagements with the Fourth Wave (Event, 06/2015, London); DL: 12.03.2015

Dienstag, Februar 24th, 2015

Queen Mary, University of London

Venue: London
Time: 27 June 2015
Proposals not later than 12. März 2015

The symposium invites critical reflection and debate on what has been called feminism’s ‘fourth wave’. Over the past few years, the ambivalent attitudes that characterised the postfeminist climate of the 1990s and early 2000s have arguably been replaced by a vibrant unveiling of new feminist potencies on the streets and online. The economic crash of 2008, the ensuing austerity measures, and the spread of an insidious rhetoric targeting under-privileged and marginalised groups, have laid bare to many the structural inequalities embedded in the UK. Renewed engagement with feminism has been galvanised in this highly politicised environment by a range of issues that continue to confront women into the 21. century, from unequal pay, to the objectification and abuse of women’s bodies, to ‘everyday sexism’.

Alongside grassroots activism, and publications aimed at a general readership, this putative ‘fourth wave’ of feminism has mobilised political activity online. In the face of the ever-new forms of misogyny churned out by digital media, feminist internauts are fostering valuable spaces for women to stake their claim to the virtual worlds of the future. Read more and source … (Web)

REMINDER: Buchpräsentation: Karin Stögner und Ruth Wodak: Antisemitismus und Sexismus, 06.03.2015, Wien

Dienstag, Februar 24th, 2015

logo_vfwVfW-Veranstaltungsreihe (Web) feminismen diskutieren (Web)

Ort: Depot, Breite Gasse 3, 1070 Wien (Web)
Zeit: Freitag, 6. März 2015, 19 Uhr

Worin bestehen die Konstruktionen des „Jüdischen“ und des „Weiblichen“ in Antisemitismus und Sexismus? Und lassen sich darin Gemeinsamkeiten aufzeigen? Die Analyse zielt auf die struktur-funktionalen Affinitäten zweier durchaus unterschiedlicher Ideologien, die in Praxis und Diskurs widersprüchliche, aber umso wirkungsvollere Verbindungen eingehen.

Buchpräsentation mit (mehr …)

CfP: Freiheit, Vielfalt, Solidarität (Feministische FrühlingsUni 05/2015, Fürstenfeld); DL: 15.03.2015

Montag, Februar 23rd, 2015

FFU15_CFP_lang_web-1Feministische FrühlingsUni (bis 2015 Frauen*FrühlingsUni) (Web)

Zeit: 14.-17. Mai 2015
Ort: Fürstenfeld in der Steiermark
Proposals bis 15. März 2015
CfP als PDF

Anschließend an eine lange Tradition von Frauen*FrühlingsUnis seit den 1970er Jahren wollen die Veranstalter*innen unter neuem Namen auch dieses Jahr an einem verlängerten Wochenende Raum für feministische Themen schaffen. Dabei geht es unter anderem um eine kritische Auseinandersetzung mit geschlechtsspezifischen Unterdrückungsmechanismen mit besonderem Augenmerk auf Intersektionalität. 2015 wird die Veranstaltung unter dem Motto “Freiheit, Vielfalt, Solidarität” stattfinden. Weiterlesen … (PDF)

CfP: Political Masculinities and Social Transition (Event, Landau/GER); DL: 12.03.2015

Montag, Februar 23rd, 2015

This is the first of two conferences, with the second one taking place in Cambridge, UK, in 2016 (Website)

Time: 27-29 November, 2015
Venue: Landau University, Germany
Proposals not later than 12. März 2015

Confirmed Keynotes

  • Henri Myrttinen, International Alert, Senior Research Officer on Gender in Peacebuilding
  • Simona Sharoni, Professor of Gender and Women’s Studies, SUNY

We are currently located at a point in history in which we can observe a tremendous number of societies undergoing rapid changes. Such changes influence gender orders within these societies that, in turn, determine their political and social orders. We want to examine the transitions in political masculinities brought about by such refashioned social structures and social systems, which are unfolding locally, at national level and worldwide.

We define “political masculinity” as including any kind of overt “political player” such as representatives/institutions of the state (police, military, intelligence, parliament, monarchies), the state itself, politicians, political parties, trade unions, lobbyists, NGOs, insurgents, political journalism, activists, voters, etc. However, we also emphasise less overt, or “hidden” … read more (Website)

REMINDER: Buchpräsentation: Maria Katharina Wiedlack: Queer-Feminist Punk. An Anti-Social History, 06.03.2015, Wien

Montag, Februar 23rd, 2015

10931344_836456526413758_7779606680463681183_nBuchhandlung ChickLit (Web) und Verlag Zaglossus (Web)

Zeit: Freitag, 6. März, 19.00 Uhr
Ort: ChickLit, Kleeblattgasse 7, 1010 Wien

This monography highlights queer-feminist punk productions, protagonists and scenes within punk rock and provides a historic overview from the 1980s until today. The book shows how queer-feminist punk is capable of negotiating and communicating queer-feminist theoretical positions in a non-academic setting, thereby producing alternative forms of political movement and of queer theory.

By combining feminist and decolonial accounts with their specific punk philosophy of anti-social queerness and expressions of negativity and anger, these countercultural forms of politics and theory parallel recent developments in the academic field that have become known as anti-social or anti-relational queer theory. In contrast to academic theory, which argues that queerness as a negative force is unable to support social relations and can never be used for political actions, queer-feminist punk politics have – as this book shows – the potential to form new and exciting social bonds that exceed normative forms of relationality. (mehr …)

Portal: Memorable Days: The Emilie Davis Diaries. An African American Woman’s Civil War Diaries – online!

Sonntag, Februar 22nd, 2015

Memorable Days: The Emilie Davis Diaries (Web)

Memorable Days: The Emilie Davis Diaries commemorates the 150th anniversary of the Civil War by sharing the remarkable diaries kept by an African American woman in Philadelphia from 1863 to 1865. Through this Web site, which includes annotated transcriptions of the diaries and scans of the original pages, readers can experience the events in Emilie Davis’s life in real time. Going back 150 years to October-November 1863, for example, readers learn that Davis’s brother, Alfred, enlisted in the U.S. Navy just days before his wife, Mary, died of consumption. Readers can navigate the Web site by date or by keyword. Topics include the Emancipation Proclamation, the Battle of Gettysburg and the Gettysburg Address, and the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln.

The Web site is a project of Villanova University and its Falvey Memorial Library, with support from the History Department, the Communication Department, and the Villanova Institute for Teaching and Learning. The diaries are in the collection of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania and are accessible in its Digital Library. They were scanned as part of The People’s Contest: A Civil War Era Digital Archiving Project, a project of Pennsylvania State University Libraries and the George and Ann Richards Civil War Era Center. Read more … (Web)