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CfP: Servants and domestic workers in rural Europe, XVI to XIX centuries: Regional diversity and forms of dependence (Workshop: 11/2013, Albacete/Spain); DL: 30.09.2013

Francisco García González, Facultad de Humanidades de Albacete, Seminario de Historia Social de la Población; Fabrice Boudjaaba, EHESS/CNRS, Centre de Recherches Historiques, Paris

Time: 21.-22.11.2013
Venue: Albacete, Spain
Deadline: 30.09.2013

Rural history has traditionally confronted two models of organizing agricultural production. On the one hand the family farm, very important in terms of productivity and ability to integrate innovations. On the other hand, the large capitalist holdings, based on waged labour. Examples of these two productive models are the English landholding, supported by wage labour, and the family farms of Southern Europe, which have survived until the 20th century. Yet this dualistic approach, linked to the debate on the modernization of agricultural production and its transition to capitalism, fails to account for the complex realities of the rural world in the past. After two decades, these models are now under discussion. Read more (Website)

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