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CfP: Globordered Intimacies: Immigration and Gendered Labor, Family and Personal Relationships (Event: Tel Aviv, 06/2019); DL: 15.09.2018 [REMINDERIN]

Tel Aviv University

Venue: Tel Aviv
Time: 16.06.2019
Proposals by 15.09.2018

Our era is characterized by intense voluntary and forced border-crossing. Short and long-term immigration, for work and multitude of other reasons, has become a part of the biographies of millions, turning „Transnational Families“, „World-Families“, and „Globordered Families“ – in which family members move from one country to the other, or live in different countries – into a significant phenomenon. Yet, much is still to be empirically studied, culturally analyzed, normatively discussed, and theoretically conceptualized in relation to the intersection of immigration, families, and gender.

Moreover, as the title of this conference highlights, families are not the only gendered intimate domain affected by immigration. For example, it has been claimed that friendshipsare “taking over various soci al tasks, duties, and functions, from family and kin.” (Phal 2000, 8). These “hidden solidarities” are less visible and institutionalized than the solidarity established in familial relations, and are seriously understudied. Another site for the study of non-familial solidarities is the workplace. For example, research in this field suggests that non-traditional forms of solidarity created with others in and outside the workplace can be crucial in the lives of migrant and other workers to prevent severe lab or market exploitation, and human trafficking. Read more … (PDF)

Source: AtGender-Newsletter

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