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CfP: Archiving Gender (Event, 10/2019, Cardiff); by: 09.08.2019 [REMINDERIN]

PGR-led research group Assuming Gender: Archiving Gender Symposium 2019 (Web)

Venue: Cardiff University, Cardiff, Wales
Time: 16.10.2019
Proposals by: 09.08.2019

This interdisciplinary symposium aims to facilitate discussions about the connection between gender and archival research among scholars across the humanities. The event welcomes participants who will engage with those two fields in disciplines including, but not restricted to: history; literature; critical and cultural theory; communication and media studies; law; linguistics; film studies.

The archive is first and foremost an institutional space for the work of historians and, increasingly, researchers from disciplines engaging with historical contexts through various methodologies; in this space, records are kept, organised, and consulted, allowing for encounters that may be conditioned by bureaucratic regulations (who has or does not have access to the archive?) or by technological advances. This site has been queried by researchers, who have portrayed the archive as a site bearing witness to, or suppressing the formation of gendered discourses, subjectivities, practices and feelings (Cvetkotvich 2005) through a practice of collection, conservation, and curation.

Such investigations have led to suggestive research, but also to fictionalised portrayals of archives (Keen 2001) as sites staging of intimate and national anxieties. Most recently, in the wake of research led by feminist scholars around … read more (Web).

Note: A CfP to the topic „Archiving Gender“ for the journal „Assuming Gender“ (Web) was closed in February 2019. The issue will be published as one of the next issues of the journal.

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