The project is conducted at the Life-Science Governance Research Platform of the University of Vienna.
Herbert Gottweis
    Herbert Gottweis is the project co-ordinator.
Ingrid Metzler
    Ingrid Metzler is the principal researcher at the University of Vienna. She conducts empirical field work in Austria and the United States of America, and she assists Herbert Gottweis in the coordination of the project.
Florian Bayer
      Florian Bayer is our research assistant in Vienna. He helps us explore the available literature on biomarkers.
Doris Bichlwagner
      Doris Bichlwagner will join our team as a researcher in August 2010.
Haidan Chen
      Haidan Chen conducts the empirical case study in China.
Kristín E. Harðardóttir
      Kristín E. Harðardóttir conducts the empirical field work in Iceland.
      We are very glad to have an international advisory board that monitors and advises our research. Members of this board include:
      Prof. Adele Clarke, University of California, San Francisco, United States of America
      Prof. Helmut Klocker, Medical University of Innsbruck, Austria
      Dr. Barbara Prainsack, King’s College, London, United Kingdom
      Dr. Ingrid Schneider, University of Hamburg, Germany
      Prof. Nikolaus Zacherl, IMG Institut für medizinische Genomforschung Planungsgesellschaft mbH,
Vienna, Austria
Updated 26.04.2010