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PAGANINI´s Final report

The Final Report of the PAGANINI project is a summary of the theoretical framework and an elaboration of the key findings of the PAGANINI project. It is based on the Final Reports of Work Package 1 – 6. It engages in discussions on how the relations between society, technology and nature are redefined and given shape in view of very concrete policy issues in the fields of stem cell research, genetic testing, food scandals, genetically modified food and nature conservation, fields that the PAGANINI project relates to as ‘politics of life’. In this area, traditional practices of governance are unlikely to present a viable object. The Final Report sets out to discuss which new modes of governance emerged in this field, focusing in particular on the space of participatory practices.

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The PAGANINI booklet is a concise summary of the FINAL REPORT.
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WORK PACKAGE 1: Theory and Method
Investigating New Participatory Practices of the ‘Politics of Life’ in a European Context.
Work Package 1 elaborates on the theory and method of the PAGANINI project.
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WORK PACKAGE 2: Defining Human Life
Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research between Politics and Ethics
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WORK PACKAGE 3: The Governance of Genetic Testing
A Non-Antagonistic Setting, “Authentic Publics” and Moments of Unease

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Work Package 4: Building trust through public participation
Learning from conflicts over the implementation of the Habitat Directive.
Work package 4 focuses on the dynamics of the implementation of European conservation policy with an emphasis on the protection of endangered animal species (Habitats Directive, Article 12), specifically on two model species, the flying squirrel Pteromys volans (Finland) and the loggerhead sea turtle Caretta caretta (Greece).
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Work Package 5: Learning after the Event
Assessing the Institutional Role of Civic Participation after Food Scandals and Food Scares
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Work Package 6: GM-Food
The role of participation in a techno-scientific controversy

Work package 6 examines the role of public participation in the regulation of agricultural biotechnology in Europe, with a focus on GM food regulation in the UK, Greece and on the EU level.

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