Photo of those participants who stayed till the last conference day (Friday, July 5).

Welcome to the www pages of the CORALS–2013, a Conference On Raman and Luminescence Spectroscopy in the Earth sciences. The event was held July 3–6, 2013, at the UZA (Universitäts-Zentrum Althanstraße), University of Vienna, Austria. It was attended by ca. 70 scientists and students from countries around the globe.

The CORALS–2013 was the 3rd CORALS meeting; the two previous events were in 2009 (Mainz, Germany) and 2011 (Madrid, Spain). The main objective was to gather and increase the knowledge transfer among Earth scientists who are interested in the application of non-destructive micro-analyses by means of Raman and luminescence spectroscopy, including imaging methods based on the two techniques. Somewhat in contrast to the two earlier CORALS meetings, there was no special focus on planetary research; rather all fields and sub-disciplines of the Earth sciences were covered.

The conference started with the on-site registration on Wednesday, July 3, 2013. Oral presentations were given between Wednesday, July 3, afternoon, and Friday July 5, afternoon. In addition, posters were on display throughout the entire conference, with a separate poster viewing session on Thursday, July 4. There was an ice breaker in the Natural History Museum on Wednesday, July 3, follwed by a public lecture. The conference dinner took place in the local winery ("Heuriger") Kierlinger in Vienna's 19th district on Thursday, July 4. Finally, there was a conference field trip (i.e., one-day bus excursions) to scenic points of mineralogical and geological interest in the state of Burgenland and a guided tour in the Natural History Museum.

Prior to the conference, there was an introductory three-day short course on luminescence spectroscopy and imaging (July 1 - 3, 2013). This course comprised seminars on the theoretical basics of luminescence emissions, introductory instructions on three spectrometer systems, and presentations of research results by a range of international experts. Finally, course attendees were given the opportunity to analyse there own samples.

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