The conference, as well as the pre-conference short course, will be held at the UZA2 building, part of the Universitätszentrum Althanstraße (UZA) in Vienna's 9th district.
The converence venue is located about 2.5 km north of Vienna's city centre. It can be reached easily using the public transport system; two subway lines and a number of bus and tram stops are nearby. Also, there is plenty of hotels and B&Bs in the area.
Ice breaker and public lecture: Natural History Museum, Burgring 7, A–1010 Wien
There are direct tram connections between the conference venue and the Natural History Museum and the conference dinner place (in 1190 Wien-Nussdorf), respectively.



You'll arrive (metro or tram) here:

Metro line U6 - Station "Spittelau". Walk down stairs, leave the building
Metro line U4 - Station "Spittelau". Leave the Station using the escalator
Tram line D - Station "Liechtenwerderplatz"

Proceed to the UZA 2 ('Geocentre'):

Cross the street, walk upstairs
On the left side you'll see the white building of the UZA 2 ('Geocentre') - enter it on its right hand side
You have reached the UZA 2 - on the ground floor (level 2) you will find the secretary - room-number 2 A2 53
Eingang UZA2 UZA 2 entrance - University of Vienna
Kraftwerk Spittelau

The point of reference in the area:
Incineration plant designed by the famous Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser

Hotel 'Alexander'

Transfer to the Institute, UZA2, Althanstraße 14:

From the Vienna International Airport,
from Westbahnhof,
from Südbahnhof,
from railway station Praterstern/Wien Nord.