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Anton Beran

Anton Beran, Ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. (i.R.)

Room number 2B 372
Tel.: (+431) 4277 53253

Date of birth 1.3.1944 in Vienna, Austria
  Education 1963, Final examination
    1963, Studies in mineralogy, petrology and geology, University of Vienna
    1970, Graduation Dr.phil
  Experience 1970, University Assistant at the Institut für Mineralogie und Kristallographie, University Vienna

1980, Lectureship in mineralogy

    1987, Associate Professor
    1988, Fulbright Scholarship, Caltech, Pasadena
    2009, retired
  Awards 1996, Fellow Mineral. Soc. Amer.
    1999, Correspondent Geol. Survey Austria
  Responsibilities 1986-1990, President Austrian Mineral. Soc.
    1983-1988, Editor "Mitt. Österr. Miner. Ges."
    2004-2015, Editorial board "N. Jb. Mineral."
    2000-2004, Co-ordinator Marie Curie Training Site
    2005 Editorial board "Mineral. & Petrol."
  Professional affiliation Austrian Mineral. Soc., Austrian Gemmological Soc., Austrian Geol. Soc., German Mineral. Soc., Soc. Geol. Applied Min. Dep. (SGA), Mineral. Soc. America

Principal research interests:

  • IR spectroscopic investigation of trace hydrogen in minerals and inorganic materials
  • IR spectroscopic characterisation of mullite-type compounds and their precursor phases (studies of advanced ceramics)
  • Mineralogical studies of raw materials on the basis of analytical methods (mineralogy of ore deposits)
  • Optical properties of opaque mineral phases (reflected-light microscopy)
  • Gemmological investigations (synthesis, treatment)

Selected publications

Redhammer GJ, Beran A, Schneider J, Amthauer G, Lottermoser W: Spectroscopic and structural properties of synthetic micas on the annite-siderophyllite binary: Synthesis, crystal structure refinement, Mössbauer, and infrared spectroscopy. American Mineralogist 85 (2000), 449-465

Maldener J, Rauch F, Gavranic M, Beran A: OH absorption coefficients of rutile and cassiterite deduced from nuclear reaction analyses and FTIR spectroscopy. Mineralogy and Petrology 71 (2001), 21-29

Voll D, Lengauer C, Beran A, Schneider H: Infrared band assignment and structural refinement of Al-Si, Al-Ge, and Ga-Ge mullites. European Journal of Mineralogy 13 (2001), 591-604

Beran A, Voll D, Schneider H: Dehydration and structural development of mullite precursors: an FTIR spectroscopic study. Journal of the European Ceramic Society 21 (2001), 2479-2485

Nasdala L, Beran A, Libowitzky E, Wolf D: The incorporation of hydroxyl groups and molecular water in natural zircon (ZrSiO4). American Journal of Science 301 (2001), 831-857

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Kharbish, S; Beran, A; Götzinger, M: Compositional variations of fahlore group minerals from Austria. Austrian Journal of Earth Sciences (Mitteilungen der Österreichischen Geologischen Gesellschaft) 100 (2007), 44-52

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