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Giester, G; Lengauer, CL; Wildner, M; Zemann, J: Investigation of anhydrous metal(II) nitrates. I. Syntheses and crystal structures of Mg(NO3)2, Co(NO3)2 and Ni(NO3)2, with a stereochemical discussion. Zeitschrift für Kristallographie - Crystalline Materials 223 (2008), 408-417
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Ruschel, K; Hanchar, JM; Nasdala, L; Kronz, A; Libowitzky, E; Wildner, M: Spectroscopic studies of doped synthetic monazite. Abstractband , Experimental Mineralogy Petrology Geochemistry (EMPG) XII, International Conference, Innsbruck, Austria, September 8th to 10th (2008),
Stoilova, D; Wildner, M; Marinova, D; Georgiev, M: Infrared spectroscopic study of SO42- ions included in K2 Me(CrO4)×22H2O (Me =Mg, Cd) and crystal structure of K2Cd(CrO4)×22H2O. Journal of Molecular Structure 889 (2008), 12-19
Stoilova, D; Wildner, M; Marinova, D; Georgiev, M: Vibrational behavior of SO42- -ions included in K2Zn(CrO4)2×2H2O and crystal structure of K2Zn(CrO4)2×2H2O: A new structure type containing kröhnkite-type chains. Journal of Molecular Structure 892 (2008), 239-245