Department of Mineralogy and Crystallography
Faculty of Geosciences, Geography and Astronomy
University of Vienna

Althanstr. 14 (UZA 2), A-1090 Wien

Secretary (2A 254): Mo, Do: 9-12 & 13-15 Uhr; Di, Mi, Fr: 9-12 Uhr;
Tel.: (+431) 4277 53201,






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Main research topics:
  • Investigation, characterisation, and refinement of crystal structures: single-crystal and powder X-ray diffraction investigation of minerals, and synthetic inorganic and organic materials also under extreme conditions including synthesis, Rietveld refinements, neutron diffraction, and thermal studies, determination of new minerals
  • Mineral resources: deposits of ores and industrial minerals (formation, general mineralogy, inclusions)
  • Applied mineralogy and materials science research: focus on microporous materials such as zeolites, mullite-precursors (crystal chemistry, physical properties, synthesis)
  • Applied mineralogy and materials science research: focus on gems and gem materials: identification, charcterisation, treatment, imitations
  • Trace hydrogen and hydrous species in nominally anhydrous minerals (NAMs) and hydrogen bonding in inorganic materials: spectroscopic (mainly IR absorption) studies
  • Radiation effects in natural minerals, incl. alteration as induced by artificial irradiation (structural, chemical, spectroscopic, and isotopic characterisation and mathematical modelling)
  • History of earth sciences
Equipment: Supervisor:
Nonius KappaCCD
Nonius Kappa single-crystal X-ray diffractometer with a CCD area detector and heating/cooling stage (80 to 700 K). Giester
Kappa Apex II CCD
KAPPA APEX II CCD X-Ray diffractometer of the manufacturer Bruker AXS with image plate CCD. Giester
Conventional Stoe AED2 single-crystal X-ray diffractometer with closed Eulerian cradle and scintillation counter. Effenberger
STOE Stadi Vari
STOE StadiVari four-circle goniometer with open Eulerian cradle and Dectris PILATUS 300K pixel detector. Effenberger
Huber 5042 four-circle diffractometer with a point detector for in-situ XRD. Miletich-Pawliczek
FEI Inspect S, with back scattering elctrons detector and energy dispersive X-ray device, measurements in vacuum and high vacuum Libowitzky
No picture
A JEOL scanning electron microscope equipped with an EDX unit for elemental analysis. Götzinger,
Philips XPert Pulverdiffraktometer

Philips X'Pert powder X-ray diffractometer, theta-2theta type with scintillation counter and 21 position sample changer.

Philips XPert MPD Röntgendiffraktometer
Philips X'Pert MPD powder X-ray diffractometer, theta-theta type with proportional counter or position sensitive Raytech detector, attachments for capillary measurements (298 – 773 K) or a Paar TTK450 low-temperature chamber (93 – 723 K). Lengauer
Bruker D8

Bruker D8-Advance powder X-ray diffractometer, theta-theta type with scintillation counter, energy-dirpersive Sol-X or position sensitive LynxEye detector and 105 position sample changer, attachments for a Paar XRK900 reaction chamber (298 - 1173 K).


X-ray film equipment: Buerger precession-goniometer, Weissenberg-goniometer, HUBER 600 Guinier system with heating device (298 - 1173 K), Debye-Scherrer and Gandolfi cameras.

Bruker Tracer IV SD handheld XRF analyzer with 10mm2 X-Flash silicon drift detector. Giester
Mettler SDTA851
Mettler SDTA851e for thermal analysis (298 – 1373 K) with 34 position sample changer, a mass spectrometer (MS) for gas analysis and automatic gas control unit (air / N2). Lengauer
Mettler DSC821
Mettler DSC821e for thermal analysis with LN2 cooling unit (123 - 973 K). Lengauer
Mettler TG50

Mettler TG50 for thermogravimetry (298 - 1173 K).

DuPont Wasser-Analyse
DuPont moisture evolution analyzer 903H for quantitative water determination (298 bis 1273 K). Libowitzky
Horiba Fluorolog-3 spectrofluorometer (FL3-22 configuration) for obtaining excitation and emission spectra. Fibre-coupled to an Olympus BX-series microscope, for analyses with high lateral resolution.  
Zeiss A1
Zeiss A1 Imager microscope with a J&M microspectrometer (190 – 980 nm). Libowitzky,
Raman Spektrometer
Horiba Jobin Yvon LabRAM-HR Evolution spectrometer, dispersive spectrometer with  473/532/633 nm laser excitation, z-focus und software-controlled x-y sample stage for Raman and photoluminescence line scans und maps. Nasdala
RAMAN Spektrometer
Horiba Jobin Yvon LabRAM-HR 800 spectrometer, dispersive spectrometer with 532/633/785 nm laser excitation for high-resolution Raman and photoluminescence (PL) point analyses. For excitation of PL (detectable in the range 400-1000 nm), there is also a 325 nm laser along (with the fluorite objective needed) available. Nasdala
Renishaw RM1000

Renishaw RM1000 micro-Raman spectrometer with 488/514/632/782nm laser excitation for Raman spectroscopy, external 325 nm laser excitation for UV-induced photoluminescence, and heating/cooling stage (80 bis 870 K).

A Bruker IFS66v/S FT-vacuum spectrometer with IRscopeII mirror-optics microscope, various light sources, beam splitters and detectors (50000 to 50 cm-1) with heating/cooling stage (80 bis 870 K). Wildner,
A Bruker Tensor 27 infrared spectrometer with Hyperion microscope. Libowitzky, Nasdala
Glove box
MBraun inert gas glove-box system with gas treatment and micro control system Lengauer
4 syntheses laboratories eg. for zeolites synthesis. Effenberger,
A mineral reference collection. Nasdala,
HP Plotter
EDV: desktop PCs, an HP DesignJet large format printer. Wildner, Rosen, Lengauer, Zirbs
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