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Institute for Mineralogy and Crystallography
Contact: Gerald Giester

Determination of lattice parameters (X-rays) on single crystals, X-ray diffraction patterns of polycrystalline samples at CCD diffractometer, non-destructive.
Smaragdimitation auf Ring
Türkisimitat: Magnesit
Magnesit Beugungsbild Magnesit TürkisBeugungsbild Türkis Gibbsit Beugungsbild Gibbsit
Ring with emerald imitation
Magnesite (dyed) with powder diffraction lines Turquoise with powder diffraction lines Gibbsite (dyed) with powder diffraction lines
Feueropal und Glasimitation
ChalcedonQuarz, synthetisch
Quarz Pulver- und Einkristallaufnahme
Fireopal (upper line) and glass imitation with X-ray patterns
Chalcedony and synthetic hydrothermal quartz
Quartz: powder and single crystal diffraction images
Contact: Gerald Giester & Herta Effenberger


Quantitative chemical analysis with TRACER IV_SD handheld XRF analyzer.
Non-destructive investigations of single crystals, polycrystalline samples, glass and metals.
Ruby, lead-glass filled " Malossi " emerald, hydrothermal
Disthen, Manganhaeltig
Disthene, Mn-bearing Titanclinohumite
Elbait, Paraiba
Elbaite " Paraiba "-colored GGG (gadolinium gallium garnet)
Philipus Philippus Uranglas Uranglas
Philippus I, 244-249, Antoninian Roman silver coin Salt cup, uranium glass, Art Deco about 1930
Contact: Gerald Giester


Gem and micro photographs.
Stibiotantalit Vesuvianit Pezzottait Fluorit
Chromiteinschluss in DiamantPyropeinschluss in Diamant
Stibiotantalite Vesuvianite  Pezzottaite Fluorite Inclusions in diamond: chromite (left),
pyrope (right)
Topaz, coated
Synthetischer Quarz Periklas Saphirimitation Gilsonsaphir Knischka RubinKnischka Rubin Wismutgermanat
Synthetic quartz (hydrothermal,with seed plate)   Periclase, synthetic Synth. sapphire with
growth features
"Gilson" star sapphire, synthetic Knischka Ruby, Flux Bismuthgermanate, synthetic
Rhodonit Spinell Mondstein Forsterit Spinelltriplette Aragonit
Emerald imitation (synthetic corundum) Rhodonite Synth. spinel with moonstone effect Forsterite Olivine imitation (triplet, synth. spinel) Aragonite
Contact: Gerald Giester & Herta Effenberger


Confocal micro Raman spectroscopy, UV luminescence microscopy, photo luminescence spectroscopy (PL).
Corundum Corundum Raman shift of corundum
Emerald Emerald Raman shift of emerald
Corundum crystal from Sri Lanka, with an included spinel crystal (red arrow) in its centre. The inset (width of photograph approx. 2 mm) is a detail enlargement showing the spinel, which is 2 mm behind the corundum surface (left), Raman shift (right)
Natural emerald crystal in a mica schist from the Habach valley, Austrian Alps, with two cut stones. Width of photograph 2.5 cm. The clarity of the cabochon at the right was enhanced by treatment with cedar wood oil (left), Raman shift (right)
All figures from: Nasdala, L., Banerjee, A., Häger, T., Hofmeister, W. (2001): Laser-Raman micro-spectroscopy in mineralogical research. – Microscopy and Analysis, Europ. ed. 70: 7-9.
Contact: Lutz Nasdala & Eugen Libowitzky


Spectroscopical investigations with UV, VIS and IR, sometimes with reflection technologies.
amethyst synth. Amethyst Spektrum Korund Spektrum
Hydrothermally synthesised amethyst (left) and the IR spectrum in the OH stretching vibrational region (right) Characterisation of submicroscopic hydrous mineral inclusions: IR spectra of sapphires in the OH stretching vibrational region, taken through turbid crystal parts;
a) OH bands of kaolinite, b) OH bands of diaspore
Contact: Manfred Wildner, Eugen Libowitzky & Anton Beran


KL-images and spectroscopy, EDX micro-analytics on scanning electron microscope, optical inclusion microscopy.


Powder X-ray diffraction, investigation of pearls (non-destructive), reflection measurement in the visible spectral range.
Contact: Christian Lengauer