Department of Mineralogy and Crystallography
Faculty of Geosciences, Geography and Astronomy
University of Vienna

Althanstr. 14 (UZA 2), A-1090 Wien

Secretary (2A 254): Mo: 9-12 a.m. & 13-16 p.m.; Di: 9-12 a.m. & 13-15 p.m.;
Do: 9-12 a.m. & 13-16 p.m.; (from March 1 to April 2, 2021)

Tel.: (+431) 4277 53201,






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Other mineralogical institutes in the German-speaking part of Europe:
  Some nice links about mineralogy/crystallography

Interactive exercise about the two-dimensional crystallographic point groups (E. Libowitzky) [MS Powerpoint file, the required password can be obtained from the author]
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Das Werk von M.C. Escher - Symmetrie - Muster
Escher Web Sketch - Muster online erstellen by Nicolas Schoeni, Wes Hardaker and Gervais Chapuis
Topology and Geometry Software by Jeff Weeks
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