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Ronald Miletich-Pawliczek

Ronald Miletich-Pawliczek, Univ.-Prof. Dr.

Room number2A284
Phone number: (+431) 4277 53265

Ronald Miletich-Pawliczek
Curriculum vitae
1967 born in Vienna
1990 Diploma in Mineralogy and Crystallography at the University of Vienna
1993 Ph.D. at the Institut für Mineralogie und Kristallographie at the University of Vienna
(Thesis "Kristallchemische Untersuchungen an natürlichen und synthetischen Telluriten mit zeolithartigen Kristallstrukturen")
1994-1998 Postdoc at the Bavarian Research Institute of Experimental Geochemistry and Geophysics (Bayerisches Geoinstitut, BGI) in Bayreuth, Germany
1998-2002 Assistant at the Laboratory of Crystallography of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETHZ), Switzerland
1999 Habilitation at the University of Salzburg (Venia docendi in Mineralogie und Kristallographie)
2002-2011 Professor for Crystallography (C3) at the 'Institut für Geowissenschaften' of the Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg, Germany. Leader of the research group Mineral Physics
since 02/2011 Professor for Mineralogy and Crystallography at the Faculty of Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy, University of Vienna

Research interests

* High pressure mineral physics
* Geomaterials research at extreme conditions
* Experimental crystallography and structural crystallography at extreme conditions
* Relationship between crystal structure and properties
* Structural phase transitions

  List of publications:   RM_publ_03_2020.pdf