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Majid Mosataghelchi

Majid Mosataghelchi, BSc. MSc.

Raumnummer 2BB373
Tel.: (+431) 4277 53255  
  Born: September of 1986 in Yazd, Iran
  since October 2015:

PhD. student at the Institute of Mineralogy and Crystallography of the University of Vienna
Thesis title: From ore mineral to nanoparticles; development towards the mass production of iron oxy/hydroxide nanoparticles (supervisor: ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Christian L. Lengauer)

  January 2014 -
October 2014:

PhD. student in economic geology, department of earth science, faculty of basic science, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran

  September 2010 -
February 2013:

Master in economic geology, School of Geology, Damghan University, Damghan, Iran
Thesis title: clay minerals application on manufacturing lightweight and advanced building material (supervisor: Dr. Reza Zahiri)


September 2004 -
July 2009:

Bachelor in geology, Department of Geology, Taft Payamnoor University, Yazd, Iran