Department of Mineralogy and Crystallography
Faculty of Geosciences, Geography and Astronomy
University of Vienna

Althanstr. 14 (UZA 2), A-1090 Wien

Secretary (2A 254): Mo: 9-12 a.m. & 13-16 p.m.; Di: 9-12 a.m. & 13-15 p.m.;
Do: 9-12 a.m. & 13-16 p.m.; (from March 1 to April 2, 2021)

Tel.: (+431) 4277 53201,






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You'll arrive (metro or tram) here:
Metro line U6 - Station "Spittelau". Walk down stairs, leave the building
Metro line U4 - Station "Spittelau". Leave the Station using the escalator
Tram line D - Station "Liechtenwerderplatz"
Proceed to the UZA 2 ('Geocentre'):
Cross the street, walk upstairs
On the left side you'll see the white building of the UZA 2 ('Geocentre') - enter it on its right hand side
You have reached the UZA 2 - on the ground floor (level 2) you will find the secretary - room-number 2A254
Eingang UZA2 UZA 2 entrance - University of Vienna
Kraftwerk Spittelau

The point of reference in the area:
Incineration plant designed by the famous Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser

Hotel 'Arthotel ANA Katharina'


  Transfer to the Institute, UZA2, Althanstraße 14:
from Westbahnhof,
from Hauptbahnhof,
from railway station Praterstern/Wien Nord.
  Pictures from the Institute and the University building:
main entrance
lecture room (exterior view)
side entrance
in the cover of night
interior view 1
interior view 2
interior view 3
interior view 4
office room
students course
laboratory (70K)
lecture room
seminar room
office room