PhD, DSc

Andrey Ostrovsky


Tel.: +43-1-4277-535 31
Roomnr.: 2B 305


Project Collaborator

Research Theme:

Biodiversity, evolutionary morphology and reproductive ecology of extinct and extant marine invertebrates


My research interests are early evolution, radiations and paleogeography of marine colonial invertebrates, in particular Bryozoa. I also work on their biogeography, taxonomy and reproductive ecology, and study evolution of reproductive patterns and polymorphism


Global change, biodiversity and Paratethyan faunal interchanges: a case study using bryozoans with different larval strategies

Evolution of matrotrophy and placental analogues in Bryozoa

Investment in sex in Caribbean cupuladriid bryozoans

Albian-Cenomanian Bryozoa of Japan




Ostrovsky A.N. Evolution of the sexual reproduction in marine invertebrates: example of gymnolaemate Bryozoa. [currently in translation by the Springer Verlag, publication is planned in 2012].

Ostrovsky A.N. 2009. Evolution of the sexual reproduction in the bryozoan order Cheilostomata (Gymnolaemata). St Petersburg State University. 403 pp. [in Russian with English Summary] ISBN 978-5-288-04992-7.

Batygina T.B., Bragina E.A., Ereskovsky A.V., Ostrovsky A.N. 2006. Viviparity in plants and animals: invertebrates and lower chordates. St Petersburg State University, 134 pp. [In Russian with English summary] ISBN 5-288-03803-1.

Selected papers

Lidgard S., Carter M.C., Dick M.H., Gordon D.P., Ostrovsky A.N. 2012. Division of labor and recurrent evolution of polymorphisms in a group of colonial animals. Evolutionary Ecology 26(2): 233-257.

Ostrovsky A.N., Porter J.S. 2011. Pattern of occurence of supraneural coelomopores and intertentacular organs in gymnolaemate bryozoans and its evolutionary implications. Zoomorphology 130:1-15.

Ostrovsky A.N., Nielsen C., Vávra N., Yagunova E.B. 2009. Diversity of the brooding structures in calloporod bryozoans (Gymnolaemata: Cheilostomata): comparative anatomy and evolutionary trends. Zoomorphology 128(1): 13-35.

Ostrovsky A.N., Gordon D.P., Lidgard S. 2009. Independent evolution of matrotrophy in the major classes of Bryozoa: transitions among reproductive patterns and their ecological background. Marine Ecology Progress Series 378: 113-124.

Cheetham A.H., Sanner J., Taylor P.D., Ostrovsky A.N. 2006. Morphological differentiation of avicularia and the proliferation of species in mid-Cretaceous Wilbertopora Cheetham, 1954 (Bryozoa: Cheilostomata). Journal of Paleontology 80(1): 49-71.

Ostrovsky A.N., Taylor P.D. 2005. Brood chambers constructed from spines in fossil and Recent cheilostome bryozoans. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 144: 317-361.

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