Multilingual Workshop on Artificial Intelligence & Law 2019 – 21 June 2019, Montreal, Canada

Programme available!

The Multilingual Workshop on AI & Law Research intends to reach out to non-English speaking communities worldwide, in particular Spanish and Portuguese, to present and discuss on-going research on the main following topics, but not limited to, both from a theoretical and practical point of view:

  • Legal data science applications, also in a multilingual environment
  • Advanced legal search engines and legal information systems
  • Advanced applications in e-justice, e-government, e-commerce and e-democracy
  • Legal knowledge systems and formal models of legal systems (logic applied to legal reasoning, formal models of probability etc.)
  • Discovery of electronically stored legal information (e-discovery)
  • Machine learning and data mining for legal applications
  • Computational study of legal reasoning and argumentation
  • Applications of AI and automated reasoning for the legal domain
  • Blockchain technology and its application in Law
  • Smart contracts