i2010 & Law Vienna Initiative

IRIS2010, BILETA2010 & KnowRight2010

Conference Series on Law in the Knowledge Society


The eEurope process has been setting the agenda for the knowledge economy throughout the last decade; culminating in the i2010 EU policy framework for the information society and media. Topics of State and law have played a major role in the agenda. In particular, e-government, data protection, telecommunications law, or intellectual property law have to be mentioned.

Information and communication technologies have already altered legal methodology. Today, electronic legal information systems have actually moved beyond providing a mere presentation of the law: in practice, those systems embody the law (and vice versa); being the one-stop-shop of legal information that both laypeople and experts consult. Legal services are delivered using electronic documents.

Communication habits have profoundly changed and automation has proven its usefulness for standard cases. The development will, however, not stop here. More advanced applications will continue to be developed, tested and deployed, continuously changing the way in which legal work is done.

The role of law as a mediator between the various, often diverging interests in our society faces the challenge of identifying and solving new legal problems in the knowledge economy. Present legal principles and values will continue to lead the way to well-balanced solutions, but many adaptations of rules and processes will be required. Related questions of human rights, digital existence, data protection, incentives for authors and producers of intellectual property, etc. and appropriate governmental control and sanctions will provide many challenges for the society.

This series of conferences will present problems, solutions and outlooks. It will provide  a forum for discussions about the role of law in the knowledge society in the important year 2010.


IRIS 2010, 25-27 February 2010, Salzburg (German/English)

The main event on computers and law in central Europe and the German speaking countries, organized by the Centres for Computers and Law of the Law Faculties of Vienna and Salzburg (Prof. Schweighofer)



BILETA 2010, 28-30 March 2010, Vienna (English)

The annual conference of the British Irish Legal Education Technology Assocation, organized by the Faculty of Law, University of Vienna (Prof. Schweighofer) with the BILETA organization (Prof. Paliwala, Senior Lecturer Bloxham, Dr. Schafer)



KnowRight 2010, 5-6 May 2010, Vienna (English)

Conference on the Interaction of Information Related Rights, Information Technology and Knowledge Management, organized by the OCG Austrian Computer Society  in co-operation with GI and DGRI
(Prof. Schweighofer, Dr. Gaster,  Dr. Sint, Prof. Wiebe)




IRIS 2010: 30 November 2009 (for late submissions: 15 January 2010)

BILETA 2010:  15 January 2010 (for late submissions)

KnowRight 2010: 31 January 2010



Vienna University Centre for Computers and Law & WZRI Vienna Centre for Legal Informatics

http://rechtsinformatik.univie.ac.at; http://wzri.eu  

Joint Website: www.univie.ac.at/RI/i2010; E-Mail: erich.schweighofer@univie.ac.at



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