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Institut für Ethnologie
(Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology)
University of Vienna

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What is APSIS?
It is not only a proper acronym for the title mentioned above but the German word "Apsis" (English "apse") comes originally from the Greek word "apsis" which means "the added" or "the additional". It is in accordance with our concept of an additional platform to provide information to all who are interested in the Asian and Pacific region.
Who are we?
APSIS has been initiated by Hermann Mückler and Johann Stockinger, who - affiliated with the Institut für Völkerkunde (Institute of Social Anthropology) at the University of Vienna - are responsible for the contents of these homepages. We try to coordinate and promote the output of research projects in the field of Asian and Pacific studies.
Where are we located?

You can find us at the

Institut für Ethnologie, Kultur- und Sozialanthropologie
(Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology)
University of Vienna
Universitätsstraße 7/NIG/4th level
A-1010 Vienna
Tel.: 0043-1-40103/2552
Fax: 0043-1-406 96 66

E-mail (Hermann Mückler):

E-mail (Johann Stockinger):

What do we want?
Because of the growing awareness to intensify contact with the Asian & Pacific regions, we intent to present interesting research projects dealing the area. We try to encourage an interdisciplinary and open access to this platform. By focussing on cultural, socio-economic, historical and political aspects, we have initiated these homepages to exchange information and support multilateral cooperation. We hope to establish links to similar institutions and be able to motivate people who are interested in the area.
What can we offer?
  1. Several homepages have been created to cover our main subjects of interest. Focussing primarily on ethnological aspects, we also try to establish contact links to other disciplines on peoples and cultures of the region.

  2. We will provide an overview on PhD and MA theses which focus on the above mentioned geographic area.

  3. Information of general interest about seminars, lectures and other events which take place in Vienna and other parts of Austria in particular.

  4. We try to promote the traditional relations between Austria and Asia as well as between Austria and the Pacific by drawing a picture of historical events showing aspects of contact situations and by encouraging the establishment and maintenance of contacts.
Institut für Ethnologie
University of Vienna
created: May/03/1995
updated: November/25/1997
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