Philippines Centennial Austria


Philippine Independence Centennial Celebrations
in Austria

Book Launching
of the
Philippine Centennial Commemorative Book


The Philippine Community in Austria
in cooperation with the
Philippine Embassy and the Museum of
Ethnology in Vienna

Museum of Ethnology (
Neue Burg
Thursday, 19 August 1999
7 p.m.

Celebration! is a coffetable book in full colors on the Philippine Community in Austria. The book records the Centennial Celebrations and features stories of general interest, profiling:

  • Filipino nurses: how it all began
  • The Catholic Community in focus
  • Filipino expertise at the United Nations
  • Filipino-Austrian children making waves: one joins the Vienna Boys Choir, two are beiing groomed for the Olympics
  • Filipinos in Vienna's retail and services sector
  • Various organizations which make up the dynamic community

Celebration! also reveals the ties that bind the Philippines and Austria:

  • The Philippines was named after a Habsburg
  • Austrian adventurers were scaling Philppine mountains as early as the 1790s
  • An Austrian was the Philippine national hero's "friend and brother in the fight for freedom and light"
  • The Philippines served as safe haven for Austrians escaping from national socialism
  • Austrian charity groups improve thousands of Filipino lives

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