Chronological Table
of Leading Events in the Philippines: 17th Century
Source: John Forman, "The Philippine Islands" (1906)
(Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society)
16th century - 17th century - 18th century - 19th century - 20th century
1603Chinese mandarins came to see the "Mount of Gold" in Cavite.

Massacre of Chinese; about 24,000 slain or captured.
1604Los Baños hospital, church, and convent were established.
1606Recoleto friars' first arrival.
1613The Spanish victory (over the Dutch) of Playa Honda.
1616Earliest recorded eruption of the Mayon Volcano.
1622Rebellion in Bojol Island led by Dagóhoy.
1626The image of "The Virgin of Antipolo" was first brought to Manila.

A Spanish colony was founded in Formosa Island.
1638Corcuera's expedition against the Moros landed in Sulu Island.
1640Foundation of the sultanate of Mindanao.

Separation of Spain and Portugal.

Spain made an unsuccessful attempt to capture Macao.
1641Earliest recorded eruption of the Taal Volcano.
1642Attempts to proselytize Japan cased.
1645Saint Thomas' College was raised to the status of a university.
1649Rebellion of "King" Málong and "Count" Gumapos.
1660Massacre of Chinese.
1662Koxinga a Chinese adventurer, threatened invasion.

Great Massacre of Chinese in Manila.
1669The "Letter of Anathema" was publicly read for the first time.
1684Spanish Prime Minister Valenzuela was banished to Cavite.
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