Chronological Table
of Leading Events in the Philippines: 18th Century
Source: John Forman, "The Philippine Islands" (1906)
(Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society)
16th century - 17th century - 18th century - 19th century - 20th century
1700First admission of natives into the Religious Orders.
1718The "Letter of Anathema" was publicly read for the last time.
1719Friars in open riot incited the populace to rebellion.
1751Sultan Muhamad Alimudin was imprisoned in Manila.
1754Taal Volcano eruption destroyed Taal, Tanaúan, Sala, Lipa, etc.

First regular military organization.

Treaty with Sultan Muhamad Alimudin (March 3).
1755Banishment of 2,070 Chinese from Manila.
1762-63British occupation of Manila.
1762Rebellion in Ilocos Province led by Diego de Silan.
1763Sultan Muhamad Alimudin was restored to his throne by the British.
1768Expulsion of the Jesuits ordered (R. Decree, 1768; Papal Brief, 1769).
1770Expulsion of the Jesuits was effectuated.

Simon de Anda y Salazár became Gov.-General by appointment.
1781Government Tobacco Monopoly was established.
1785The Real Compañia de Filipinas was founded (March 10).
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