Chronological Table
of Leading Events in the Philippines: 20th Century
Source: John Forman, "The Philippine Islands" (1906)
(Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society)
16th century - 17th century - 18th century - 19th century - 20th century
1900 Monsignor P. L. Chapelle, papal delegate, arrived in Manila (Jan. 2).
The Taft Commission appointed (Mar. 16); in Manila (June 3).
The Philippine Commission became the legislative body (Sept. 1).
1901 General surrender of the Panay insurrgent army (Feb. 2).
Capture of General Emilio Aguinaldo (Mar. 23).
General Emilio Aguinaldo swore allegiance to America (April 1).
The Philippine Commission assumed full (civil) executive power (July 4).
General surrendeer of Cebu´no chiefs (Oct.).
1902 Capture of V. Lucban, the last recognized insurgent chief (April 27).
Mr. W. H. Taft in Rome to negotiate purchase of friars' lands (June).
Civil rule throughout the Islands decreed (Congress Act, July 1).
War of Independence ended (actually, April 27; officially, July 4).
President Roosevelt's peace proclamation and amnesty grant (July 4).
Monsignor G. B. Guidi, papal delegate, arrived in Manila (Nov. 18).
1903 Apolinario Mabini died in Manila (May 13).
"The Democratic Labour Union" prosecution (may).
Moro Province constituted (Phil. Com. Act No. 787, June 1).
Archbishop Nozaleda relinquished the archbishopric of Manila (June).
The Philippine peso ("Conant") issued to the public (July).
Moro Province Legislative Council organized (Sept. 2).
1904 Monsignor J. J. Harty, Archbishop of Manila, arrived (Jan.).
Mr. W. H. Taft, appointed Secretary of War, left Manila (Jan.).
Mr. Luke E. Wright succeeded Mr. Taft as Civil Governor (Jan.).
Greatest inundation of Manila suburbs within living memory (July 11).
The "Internal Revenue Law of 1904" in operation (Aug. 1).
1905 Monsignor Ambrogio Agius, papal delegate, arrived in Mania (Feb. 6).
The Philippine Assembly to be convened in 1907 proclaimed (March 28).
El Renacimiento prosecution for alleged libel (July).
1906 English became the official language (Jan. 1; Phil. Com. Act. No. 1123).
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