Ayta Children and the Mt. Pinatubo

Zambales region in January 1992, half a year after the eruption of of the vulcano. The pictures were made when I accompanied a trip by the National Museum of the Philippines, bringing basic goods like rice and blankets.
Drawings by Ayta Children

These drawings where made on my request by Ayta children in the Ayta Resettlement Center near Castillejos, Zambales in December 1992, about one and a half year after the eruption of the vulcano.
It is interesting to observe what catches the attention of the children. The helicopter might remember them at the eruption. Even they don't had any television in the village in the childrens impression a television antenna belongs to a house.
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created: September 25, 1997
updated: Feburary 5, 1998
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