VRML Model of an Ifugao House

This VRML model made by Johann Stockinger is of now limited to demonstration purposes only, because of some drawbacks.
You will need a relatively fast computer (Pentium or equivalent) and a VRML-Viewer, which has to be installed as a Helper Application. However the newer versions of the Netscape Browser or the Microsoft Internet Explorer will do already have a built-in viewer. In this case it is also possible to activate links within the model and descriptions will be displayed in the smaller frame to the left.

Load the Model (*.WRL)

Depending on the viewer used, it looks might be different. The model was built with Virtus VRML Toolkit and the best viewer for it would be the Virtus Voyager which can be downloaded from http://www.virtus.com for different platforms (Macintosh, Windows 3.1, Windows 95).

The textures for the ground and for the roof were taken from this photograph.

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created: November 12, 1997
updated: December 10, 1997
APSIS Editor Johann Stockinger