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Erst vor einigen Wochen entdeckte ich Ihre Homepage. Noch nie vorher habe habe ich eine so gute und kompetent zusammengestellte WebSite über die Philippinen gefunden. Als Ehemann einer Filipina erlaube ich mir dieses Urteil. Ich werde Sie gerne weiterempfehlen und danke für die viele Mühe, die diese WebSite gekostet hat. Alles Gute und weiter so!
Diese Grüße kommen aus Bad Iburg in Niedersachsen.


Gerd Gorka (April, 1998)

Your webpage is really very informative. I have a seven year old that ask a lot about our country and about our folklore. I'm happy to say that this is the answer to all his questions whatever they may be.Please visit our webpage too, its

Danny de Guzman, Jose Abad Santos Alumni (April, 1998)

Hi there,
I just want to complement you on an incredible web page that features great photographs of the Philippine Islands. No too often does one see a page with such great quality photographs.
Great Site!!!!!
Donald Rodriguez (March 1998)



RICK P. MATEO, AUSTRALIA, (February 1998)

The pictures of old Philippines are beautiful. Its a great service that your web provides... gives a sense of pride.

Thank you,
Tricia Vitug (February 1998)

I am doing a report on the Philippines and their foreign relations during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and I've found your websites to be extremely valuable.

Thank you for existing,
Mariza (January 1998)

I spent considerable time during 1944, '45 in Manila, and have always had a soft place in my heart for the people of the Philippines. My tour of duty included hauling laborers from an area between Baguio and Manila to work in the shops that was reconditioning Jeeps for sale to the local people. I lived on Rizal Avenue just north of the Rizal Monument. My great hope is to return to the Philippines as a tourist.

George W. Hall, Arizona, United States (December 1997)

Subject: 19th Century Views of the Philippines
I think this is nothing short of remarkable that you are putting these items on the net.
I'm a Filipino now residing here in the U.S. and I never even read about any of these things when I studied in high school in the Philippines.
Keep up the good work. I'll keep reading your postings. Thanks for a wonderful job.

Rudy (September 1997)

dear publishers,,,,,, please,, keep up the good work.......

Charles White (September 1997)

Congratulations! Your collection is indeed very helpful for us present generation Filipinos. It gives us a glimpse of our past and let us visualize how our history transpired. Thank you for putting this on the web.

Jay-Jay Mendoza (July 1997)

I'm intrigued by the beauty of the design of your website so I visit once in a while just to enjoy the sites.

Rosalie Alfonso, San Francisco, California (July 1997)

I'm very interested in learning more about my Filipino Culture, not only for myself but for my children as well.

Michael Sombrito (June 1997)

We're reaching out to the other side of the world to pick your site as our Filipino Site of the Month. Hope you get a number of visits from our readers.

Larry Rivera, Atin Ito Filipino website (June 1997)

We have visited your site and would like to commend you for a wonderful website!

Irvin Baligod, PHILIPPINE CENTENNIAL EXPO'98 (June 1997)

Hello, i just wanted to thank you for putting this informations regarding my country. I am really proud of being a part of a very rich culture like ours. I am looking forward to seeing more facts about the Philippines. I just hope that my countrymen would contribute with your research. Thank you very much.

EJ Fernandez, MD (June 1997)

Excellent web page! We will be hosting Kontra-Gapi closer to the tail- end of their tour, here in Vancouver, Washington / Portland, Oregon, USA. Looking forward to their visit. I like your well-developed web page. You're now bookmarked.

Enrico "Eric" Tadeo, Vancouver, WA USA (May 1997)

Hello from New Mexico, USA! Its great to know what people are doing out there related to Philippine matters. Thank you for the wonderful homepage!

Jean Quintero Hall (April 1997)

" A very informative and well designed homepage. We have taken the liberty of linking your homepage to ours -- Filexpats Indonesia Homepage.  Ours is a new homepage and is maintained by a group of Filipinos in Indonesia"

Jay R. defin

"... I am very much interested in corresponding with you... I have a lot of pictures, documents, etc. that might be of interest to your university and/or organization..."

- Ernest Punzalan, Ph.D.

"... Internet truly is a global community! I'm enjoying surfing around the rest of the Austrian-Philippine web site..."

- Norm Wulferdinger

"... Great page you've got. Keep up the good work. ..."

- Victor Carlos, New York

"... Your interesting piece about Blumentritt and Rizal´s friendship is outstanding. We would want to request your permission to let us carry home page as one of the 100 or so links that best showcase Philippine culture, people and history..."

- Phil Villaluz

"... Thanks so much for this site... this is my new favourite site and I will visit it frequently..."

- Steven Cabales

"... Greetings from New York! ... I find it very impressive that you have saved these memorable pictures and had them available for everyone´s viewing..."

- Alex Gordon

"... I just found it interesting to see a site about the Philippines which originated in a European country. Also ... my ever-growing interest in socioanthropology..."

- Randy Duque

"... The articles you have written are very informative and inspirational. Reading them made me expand more of what I was taught..."

- Bridgette Gupit

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