The First Philippine Republic at Malolos
The descriptions are the original ones and show the American point of view 100 years ago
View of Malolos

Church at Malolos

"This place is located on the railroad about twenty miles north of Manila, and was the first capital of the Republic of the Philippines." "This photograph was taken during the time that Malolos was occupied as the capital of the Philippine Republic, and the men who appear in the picture are officers and guards of the native army."
Filipino Congress at Malolos

Civil and military officers of the Filipino Republic

"This photograph represents the session of the Filipino Congress that declared war against the United States. Its historical significance will be appreciated when it is remembered that no other photograph of the event is in existence." "This photograph was taken for the official records of the Government, immediately after the surrender, and furnished for special publication in this work. Aguinaldo [actually it is General Tinio. Check the source critic below!] and his chief-of-staff are the central figures in the line of officers at the back of the picture."
Church at Malolos, Island of Luzon

View in Malolos

"This church was fortified and used as a prison by the Filipinos during their occupancy of Malolos." "The building on the left was used as a prison during the occupancy of Malolos by the native army, and a number of Spanish prisoners were confined there."
Source: Our Islands and Their People as Seen with Camera and Pencil. Introduced by Major-General Joseph Wheeler with special descriptive matter and narratives by José de Olivares. New York and Chicago, 1899.

Important: Read the source critic!

"The First President of the Republic" (by Younghusband, 1899)

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