The American Occupation of Malolos (1899)
The descriptions are the original ones and show the American point of view 100 years ago
Army Suppy Train en Route to Malolos

General Wheaton and his Aids


"This is an army supply train en route to Malolos. The wagons are hauled by a species of buffalo peculiar to the Philippines. It is a patient animal somewhat livelier than the American ox. It does the hard labor of the islands." "General Wheaton and his aids at the suburbs of Malolos, preparing to enter after the retreating insurgents. This was the early seat of the Tagal government. The soldiers are at parade rest in the road awaiting orders to advance."
A Scene in Malolos on Entrance of Americans

Occupation of Malolos


"Chinese flags are everywhere flying for the protection of lives and porperty of Chinese residents and merchants. These flags were always respected as covering neutrals and non-combatans." "Distribution of troops in various portions of the town for preservation of lives and property of loyal natives, and to fortify against attacks of insurgents, as well as to insure the general safety."
American Troops Entering the Public Square

Destruction of Malolos Church


"The american troops are here entering the public square of Malolos. The church has just been set on fire by the retreating insurgents, ans was burned down nonwithstanding the efforts of the soldiers to save it." "The desperate character of the insurgents is shown in this wanton destruction of Malolos church. It was fired by them as they fled before the Americans just entering the town. It was done partly in revenge against the religious orders."
Congressional Hall

The Railroad Depot of Malolos

"Congressional hall and executive building occupied by Aguinaldo and his aids. Here Aguinaldo took the oath of office. After the Filipinos were driven away, Gen. McArthur made it his headquarters. Photograph taken on first day of occupation. " "The proclamation of General Luna is posted upon the wall near the door. The officers are Generals Otis, McArthur and Hale. Photograph was taken within half hour following evacuation of insurgents."
Source: A Wonderful Reproduction of LIVING SCENES In Natural Color Photos fo America's New Posssessions. F. Tennyson Neely. New York, Chicago, London: 1899.

"The First President of the Republic" (by Younghusband, 1899)

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