Picturesque Old Philippines:
Philippine-American War

The captions are the original ones and show the American point of view (1899)

"The wall of fire. Part of the firing line near Pasig, March 15, 1899. It represents volley-firing in clock-like order at the insurgent intrenchments. The picture was taken just before the general advance."

"This shows effect of first smokeless powder used by Americans in the Philippines. The guns are the old Springfield model. Photograph taken during heat of the action at Pasig. In this instance it is long distance firing."

"Chinese litter bearers, accompanying troops during their advance on Malolos. Their great endurance of hardship and swiftness of foot in carrying heavy burdens were found to be of valuable service to the medical department."

"Wounded insurgents awaiting removal to the American hospital in Manila, where they are accorded treatment. Most of these were so badly wounded that they died before they could be romved. Those that were treated became fast friends."

"A field telegraph station in one of the churches of Caloocan. It is set up on the altar with the wires strung upon the tabernacle."

"The hero of Spain and America is not so beloved by the Tagals. Before deserting this town they shot off the head of the statue of Columbus."

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