Picturesque Old Philippines:
The Pasig and Other Rivers

The captions are the original ones and show the American point of view (1899)

"The market place along the canal in the center of Manila is a rare sight. the small merchant thinks he has done a highly prosperous business, if he has been able to exchange his wares for two or three Mexican dollars."


"View of Pasig river.
The main avenue is known as "Paseo de Magellanes." Binando [Binondo], a portion of New Manila lies across the river. The large white building is the former Spanish Treasury. Across the river are the American's quartermaster stores."


"The American troops are shown here in the inferior of Luzon. They are conveyed up the streams in armored launches and in "casos" where they destroy intrenchments and break up hostile settlements. Little resitance was ever offered."

"The photographer caught this scene just after the surrender at Bagaa river. The soldiers are bringing the prisoners across the river and searching for concealed arms. The dense foliage was a hiding place for sharpshooters."


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created: February 18, 1997
updated: March 25, 1998
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