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a distant country, the people were happier and the officials less cruel than they were on the shore where his house was.

No small part of his childhood training came from listening to the Spaniards officials and priests, who generally were guests in the Rizal home when they visited Kalamba. The parish priest, Father Leoncio Lopez, also made the boy the companion of his walks, and the confidant of viewa on the injustices done the Filipiuo clergy.

On his pony or root with his dog Usman, José explored all the picturesque region which lies about Kalamba, but his first journey from house was at seven when his family visited Antipolo during the festival in honor of the Virgin "of Peace and Safe Travel" which had been brought from America by an early Spanish governor.

Until he went away to school, and then during his holidays at home, entertainments were given the neighbors

Lady of Peace
"Our Lady of Peace and Safe Voyages who is venerated at Antipolo"

- From "Al Juventud Filipina."

Hail, Flower of Purity,
Queen of the seas.
Hail, Seaman's Security,
Emblem of peace.
Of thee we all know.
The fame of thy name shall not cease.

The picture was found in Dr. Rizal's album and is the engraving placed by him, according to the Filipino custom, inside his chest when he first left home.

Page 7The Story of José RizalPage 9
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