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Paciano encouraged him and so did Antonio Rivera, a distant cousin of his mother's in whose house he had been living and to whose beautiful daughter, a few years younger than himself, he was engaged. Nor did his old professors in the Ateneo, of whom he sought advice try to dissuade him.

So, on May 5, 1882, after he had been recalled by cipher telegram from Kalamba where he had been staying for a short visit, he embarked for Singapore on the mail steamer "Salvadora" and after the six day that the journey then took he transferred to a foreign passenger ship which carried him to Barcelona. There was quite in distinguished passenger list of returning officials and their families among whom Rizal figured, according to his passport, as "José Mercado a native of the district of Santa Cruz." Paciano furnished the funds but as soon as his father learned of José's going he arranged to send him money regularly thru Antonio Rivera. This round about way was necessary as life would not have been pleasant for any provincial family known to have sent one of its sons abroad to be educated, especially for a family like the Mercados who were tenants on an estate which was part of the university endowment.

From Barcelona Rizal quickly went to Madrid and continued his double course in philosophy and letters and in medicine. Besides he found time for more lessons in drawing and painting, and studied languages under special teachers. In l884 he received the degree of Licenciate in Medicine and the following year, on his twenty-fourth birthday, the like degree in Philosophy and in Letters, and with highest honors.

On the voyage to Spain or just after arrival, Rizal wrote and sent back to a Manila Tagalog daily an article on love of native land, and he continued to write for the paper during the short time it lived.

The Filipino students in Spain knew Rizal by reputation, many of them had been schoolmates of his, and they enthusiastically welcomed him, but in their gayety he took no part. He recognized in everything else to have money to spend on books and his first purchases included "Picturesque America", "Lives of the Presidents of the United States", "The Anglo-Saxons", "The English Revolution"

Page 16The Story of José RizalPage 18
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