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it going afford maintenance for its promoters than trying to do what would be most beneficial to the Philippines, so he severed his relationship and left the paper entirely in the hands of Marcelo H. del Pilar and his followers. He no longer cared for representation of the Islands in the Spanish Cortes for he feared the men who would be sent might not be disinterested patriots. He realized education of the people was necessary so that the masses should not be at the mercy of a few leaders.

To understand Rizal's relations with these leaders whose ideals culminated in the Katipunan it must be borne in mind that del Pilar and his associates were proteges of Prof. Morayta, the grand master of the "Gran Oriente Español". This organization was a rival of, and radically different from, the body to which Dr. Rizal adhered in that it was essentially political. In the disturbances masonic conditions in Spain it finally triumphed over its more conservative competitor and came to have the field itself. It started lodges in the Philippines of Filipinos and to these its leaders kept sending appeals for money to be used in gifts and banquets to curry favor with influential persons in Madrid. Its early Philippine experiences were unfortunate in frequent charges that

Page 28The Story of José RizalPage 30
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