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much and thru his death possibly these could live in their own country undistributed. Then there would be higher respect, too, for Philippine patriots, and evidently he considered these did not stand very high then, if one should show enough disinterested patriotism to die for his country. The letter to the family regretted their sufferings but showed no regret over his own troubled life or the prospect of his death.

The confidential file of Despujol is now public to prove that there was a trap laid for Rizal. He brought with him to Manila a scheme for a cooperative society to develop resources of the Philippines after the plan of Spain's masonic cooperative society, C.Kadosh y Compañia, which he had worked out at the suggestion of J.M. Basa, a Cavite '72 exile resident in Hongkong. After Rizal had seen the Governor General and received the pardon of his brother and sisters who had been ordered into banishment in the South by Weyler, he took a trip up the new railway, then completed as far as Tarlac, and showed himself greatly interested in the progress Masonry was making among Filipinos. In Manila he was the guest of honor at a banquet given by the masters and wardens of the Filipino lodges and he had frequent consultations with the leading members. These activities

Dr. Rizal's Hongkong Card

Dr. Rizal's Hongkong card for general practice. He also used another in script with only the word "oculist."

Page 30The Story of José RizalPage 32
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