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the Catholic part of Happy Valley cemetery beside the monument of her adopted father, George Taufer, the blind man, who was an American.

Dr. Rizal's father survived him but a year, but his mother still lives and not long ago refused a proffered pension from the Assembly with the statement that she did not believe in paid patriotism and was content that her son had done his duty.

Of the numerous Rizal relatives there seem to be none in politics but all are industrious and seeking to bring about the independence of their country in the way their distinguished kinsman recommended, working to increase its wealth and availing themselves of every opportunity for education.

A new province bears Doctor Rizal's name, his picture appears upon the most generally used values of postage stamps and paper money, every town in the Philippines has its Rizal Street or Rizal Square, Manila has a flourishing Rizal University, a Rizal Ateneo and a Rizal Business College, and his birthday is getting to be observed as well as the day of his death, but Filipinos are forgetting

Former Grave of Dr. Rizal

Former Grave of Dr. Rizal

Page 46The Story of José RizalPage 48
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