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the lessons he taught and remembering him to keep alive old prejudices which no longer serve any useful purpose.

Self-control, industry and education are still as necessary to good citizenship as they were in the days of Spain. The evils of cock-fighting, the folly of long, high sounding speeches in which nothing is said, and the utter incongruity of pretending to honor the memory of a Rizal and then elevating an Andres Bonifacio to the dignity of a national hero, are more timely topics than discussing the friar landlord after he has parted with his lands, and more profitable than vainglorous parades of empty patriotism.

The man who works is a better patriot than the one who talks of the past and dreams of the future. The real reverence for Rizal is not shown in December 30th processions but in heeding his teachings and following his example from January 1st to December 31st, inclusive.


Rizal Monument Models

Rizal Monument Models in the Government Palace Marble Hall
(The adopted model is under the chandelier.)

The study of the life of Dr. Rizal is especially encouraging because it shows what is the effect of Anglo-Saxon training on the Filipino mind. Tho he was a genius, and so exceptional, he was a genius in an Anglo-Saxon way. His mother's training, his brother's influence and his
Page 47The Story of José RizalPage 49
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