Page 51The Story of José Rizal 
them around the banana tree, and hid herself under a coconut shell. When the monkey came down, he hurt himself and began to bleed.

After a long search he found the tortoise.

"You must pay now for your wickedness; You must die. But as I am very generous, I will leave to you the choice of your death. Shall I pound you in a mortar, or shall I throw you into the water? Which do you prefer?"

"The mortar, the mortar," answered the tortoise; "I am so afraid of getting drowned."

"O ho!" laughed the monkey; "indeed! You are afraid of getting drowned! Now I will drown you!"

And going to the shore, he slung the tortoise and threw it in the water. But soon the tortoise reappeared swimming and laughing at the deceived, artful monkey.

Adv. Note. - JOSÉ RIZAL AND HIS WRITINGS, a cloth bound book of over three hundred pages and with 400 illustrations, will shortly be published by the Philippine Education Publishing Co. Price P 4.00.

It supplements the formal histories and aids in understanding the confusing last half century of Spain's rule in the Philippines. The growth of liberal ideas is traced and especial attention is paid to the remarkable English and American influence which has been so potent and get so little noted.

Geographically the Philippines may be Oriental but in history these "islands of the West", as the first Spaniards called them, are of the New World and the lives of Rizal's ancestors bring out this fact most emphatically.

The book covers practically a new field, and aims ot present the proof of its assertions.

Many of the illustrations are photographic reproductions of important documents., official certificates of others appear, and the splendid collection of pictures is remarkable when the pains taken by the Spanish government to destroy everything pertaining to Rizal is remembered. Nearly every faded photo had its story of a Filipino who risked his liberty, and perhaps his life, to preserve a momento of his hero, and one by one these have been sought out, copied and now make a collection which has no rival.

Page 51The Story of José Rizal 
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