Ferdinand Blumentritt: An Austrian Life for the Philippines

Harry Sichrovsky (1983/87)


  • Above all, the author is greatly indebted to the family of Kurt Blumentritt of Kufstein for the opportunity of utilizing the family archive,

  • to the Austrian Embassy in Manila for its service in the procurement of documents and contacts,

  • to the cultural-political section of the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Vienna and its head, Ambassador Wolfgang Schallenberg,

  • to the Late Foreign Minister of the Philippine Republic, General Carlos P. Romulo,

  • to the Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, Leticia R. Shahani,

  • to the National Historical fnstitute in Manila and its director, Dr. Serafin D. Quiason, and the publication staff, Mrs. Alicia M. Sison, Mr. Alexander S. Lim, Mr. Regino P. Paular and Mrs. Magdalena C. Padilla,

  • to the grandnephew of José Rizal, Mr. Antonio Bantug of Manila

  • to the archive of the district of Leitmeritz in Fulda, Federal Republic of Germany, for providing valuable historical materials, furthermore,

  • to the British biographer of Rizal, Austin Coates,

  • to the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for China and Southeast Asian Research in Vienna and its Secretary-General, University Professor, Dr. Gerd Kaminski,

  • and last but not least, to my wife Lotte, for correcting the manuscript and for some valuable advice, as well as for procuring contemporary documents.

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