Ferdinand Blumentritt: An Austrian Life for the Philippines

Harry Sichrovsky (1983/87)

Preface A

Hundred years have passed since the historic meeting between Jose Rizal and Ferdinand Blumentritt. The thoughts that were exchanged between these remarkable personalities, their vision of human rights, of independence and of international relations, continue to stir our emotions. Their dialogue, and the strength Rizal and Blumentritt, two so different characters, got out of their feeling of solidarity - all have, in my opinion, not lost importance today.

I am content that Professor Sichrovsky's work is now being made accessible to the Philippine reader, thus giving an insight into the European background of this historic friendship.

I should like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to Dn Serafin D. Quiason, Chairman of the National Historical Institute, and his staff, for their keen interest in the project and their technical assistance. A special word of thanks is due to Peter Wagner, Honorary Consul of the Philippines in Salzburg, who has generously sponsored the printing and to Filipinas Foundation Inc. for the translation. I also take great pleasure in thanking my predecessor, Ambassador Friedrich Posch, whose initiative has made the publication of this translation possible.

The author, Professor Harry Sichrovsky, and the holder of the Copyright, Oesterreichischer Bundesverlag, Wien have generously dedicated this publication to the memory of Dr. Jose Rizal's friendship with Ferdinand Blumentritt and Rizal's visit to Austria hundred years ago.

May this book contribute to more knowledge about the friendship between Rizal and Blumentritt.

Bay this book contribute to further strengthen the friendship between Austria and the Philippines.

                       OTMAR KOLER
                   Ambassador of Austria

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created: March 28, 1998
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