Ferdinand Blumentritt: An Austrian Life for the Philippines

Harry Sichrovsky (1983/87)

Preface B

This is an engaging work on the best friend not only of Dr. José Rizal but also of the Filipino people, an Austrian scholar in whom many of the strands that made the history and development of the Philippines in the last decade of the Spanish colonial period and early American regime were knotted. What is principally examined and more correctly surveyed is how the close friendship between Dr. Ferdinand Blumentritt and Dr. José Rizal was forged to the point of true brotherhood and also the indefatigable role of Dr. Blumentritt in defending through his prolific writings and correspondences the cause of the Filipino struggle for justice, freedom and independence. Students and admirers of our national hero can only be grateful to the author, Professor Harry Sichrovsky for providing us a wealth of information in portraying Dr. Blumentritt's life and achievements and for the happy facility in combining the long-known sources with newer additions to the work to produce a useful contribution that the readers must take into account.

               SERAFIN D. QUIASON
            National Historical Institute

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