5. Rizal, Berlin, 4 November l886

  Visit to the Anthropological and Ethnographic Museum of Dresden - Dr. Meyer was affable towards Rizal.

  Jaegerstrasse 71. III
Berlin, 4 November 1886
  Very esteemed Professor,

On the 30th of last month I had the honor of visiting Dr. A. B. Meyer at the Anthropological and Ethnographic Museum of Dresden. He is an amiable gentleman and he had the thoughtfulness of requesting me to return the next day to show me the museum in view of the fact that on that day he was busy with a colleague who was leaving for New Guinea the following day and needed some information for the trip. I thank you because this courtesy is due to your letter of recommendation. The museum seemed to me very important and I am sorry I did not have more time to study it.

I am now in Berlin where I plan to spend winter. My room is on Jaegerstrasse 71, III. Here I am always at your service, and though I can render you only services without importance, I will always do all I can to please you.

I greet respectfully the worthy lady of Blumentritt, and I am


  Your very affectionate and faithful servant,


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