8. Blumentritt, Leitmeritz, 23 November 1886

  Schiller and Andersen - Malays and Malayan languages - Jagor and Virchow.

  Leitmeritz, 23 November 1886
  My esteemed Sir,

As you see, I answer at once your esteemed letter of yesterday. I'm glad that you have made known to your countrymen Andersen and our great Schiller. The former's tales will please Filipino youth as they do our own.

It is true that I refer to the Anthropologie der Naturvölker, specially to volume V that deals with the Malays. Equally interesting to those who study Malayan languages is the work of William Humboldt on the Kawi language. On the map in Waitz-Gerland there are some errors with respect to the Philippines that you can correct according to Peterman's Geog. Mittheilungen, supplementray pamphlet No. 67 (1882) and volume 19 of the Berliner Zeitschrift für Erdkunde (l884). The text on Mindanao is also very poor, because at that time little was known of the said island in Europe.

I'm sorry that you don't intend to visit Jagor and Virchow. Those gentlemen would have received you very well because they are very good friends of the Philippines and her inhabitants. In case you change your plan, I would announce with pleasure your visit to those gentlemen. They can help you in your studies in many respects.

Privy Councilor Meyer is sorry that he was very busy with other things at the time of your visit in Dresden. He hopes to see you later.

With affectionate regards.

  Yours most affectionately,
F. Blumentritt


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