14. Blumentritt, Leitmeritz, 24 January 1887

  "Smoking is my passion" - A hnok by Pardo de Tavera.


  Leitmeritz, 24 January, 1887

Mr. José Rizal
71-III Jaegerstrasse

My esteemed Friend,

I have not had any news from you for more than a week. I hope you have not been sick like me. Only today did I get up from my sick-bed. I had a severe catarrh, and I suffered from hoarseness. That ailment was terrible for me because it prevented me from smoking, which is my passion. Dr. Trinidad Pardo de Tavera has published a charming little book which interests me greatly: El Sánscrito en la lengua tagalog, Paris, Imprimerie A. Davy, 1887. Very interesting.

With affectionate regards.

  Yours affectionately,

F. Blumentritt


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