20. Rizal, Berlin, 9 March 1887

  Rizal in search of a climate favorable to his health - He does not know where to go - In his blood is the wanderungslust (strong desire for wandering) of the Malayans.


Berlin, 9 March 1887

  Esteemed Friend,

I have not received letters from you for a long time. I hope you are not sick, for the cold season is over and good weather is approaching.

I have read your articles in the Globus. They are very interesting and I should like to translate them. I'll soon leave Berlin because I don't feel well here. Since my arrival I have been sick several times, which never happened to me before. I don't know yet where I'll go. I have in my blood the wanderungslust of the Malayans. I always have it. Humor and opportunity for this!

Last Saturday we heard a magnificient lecture on Mecca[1] at the Geographic Society. It was accompanied with interesting photographs in which I could distinguish many Malalayan pilgrims. The second lecture was somewhat boring, perhaps because the first had been so interesting, or because the members had already seen the photographs, or because it was already quite late.

I wish you the best of health in the world, in Bohemia, in your native land!

  Your most affectionate friend,


[1] Capital city of Saudi Arabia, holy city of the Muslims, birthplace of Mohammed.

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